Quantcast Tal Ronnen’s Vegan Menu For Humane Society’s Genesis Awards

"The Conscious Cook" Tal Ronen

"The Conscious Cook" Tal Ronnen

The 25th annual Genesis Awards is the Humane Society’s way of rewarding celebrities or other well-known people for their contributions to animal welfare.

Besides trophies, a great way to reward these stars is with great vegan food!

Tal Ronnen, vegan chef and author of The Conscious Cook, is in charge of preparing the menu for the event that takes place on March 19 in Los Angeles and Ok! Magazine received the word on what the stars will be munching on, including the vegan desserts.

Baby arugula and faro salad with anjou pear and a chanterelle dusted gardein chick’n with chanterelle mushroom ravioli should excite the taste buds of celebrities that night.

And everyone can choose between a maple vegan “cheesecake” with graham cracker crust and sugared berries or a vegan tiramisu for dessert.

“We are indebted to Chef Tal for bringing his renowned culinary talents to our 800-plus audience at the 25th Anniversary Genesis Awards. His delicious vegan cuisine proves that good food can be served and enjoyed without cruelty to animals,” said executive producer of the annual animal rights banquet, Beverly Kaskey.

If you can’t attend, you will truly miss a delicious sounding meal. But you can still view the Genesis Awards on Saturday, April 30 at 7 p.m. on Animal Planet.

via  Ok Magazine

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