Quantcast Vegetarian StarVincent Kartheiser Calculates His Carbon Footprint

Vincent Kartheiser

Mad Men‘s Vincent Kartheiser is the kind guy you can’t help but admire for his green attitude. He spends very little time in a personal vehicle, doesn’t want to procreate and empties his vegetarian digestive system of the 3-bean, brown rice, tofu, kale and spinach in a 7-grain tortilla wrap into his neighbor’s toilet to save water.

And this guy loves fast trains.

But there’s more.

Kartheiser is happy to spread the word and let others know how they can measure their carbon footprint.

During a recent interview with Good.is, Kartheiser discussed using carbon calculators.

“I try to do a little of what I can in my life to reduce my impact. A lot of people do. Maybe they’re vegetarians. Maybe they don’t have a lawn. Maybe they don’t drive their car all the time. There’s this website where you can check your carbon footprint. [Ed note: We’ve always been partial to this carbon calculator from University of California, Berkeley.] You put in what your gas bill was, what kind of car and how many miles you drive, if you’re a vegetarian, and so on.”

More at Good.is.

The calculator the Good.is staff is fond of is located here.

For the food section, setting all scales to what an average 2.5 person household eats in terms of milk, dairy, fruits and vegetables, grains and other snacks, shows an average household as using about 20 metric tons CO2e/yr. Cutting meat reduces the footprint to 18.2 and cutting dairy reduces it to 17.3. The number of metric tons of CO2e/yr is still less if you double and even triple the amount of fruits and vegetables and grains eaten compared to what the average household eats as long as meat and dairy are not consumed.

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