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Miranda Kerr Was Born To Eat Less Meat?

Written by Vegetarian Star on March 8th, 2011 in Food & Drink, Models, Nutrition-Health-Fitness.

Miranda Kerr

Miranda Kerr is known for being a green, eco-hero, but could it be her body type was born to make that easier?

The actress was quoted by Female First as saying she follows a diet that recommends eating according to one’s blood type. Since she’s a type A, it is supposedly better for her to eat fruits, vegetables and less meat.

“I am a blood type A and more often than not I eat specifically for my blood type. I also eat low GI, high alkaline foods, drink filtered water and eat mostly fresh produce and very little meat.”

“I believe it is important to supplement our food to ensure our bodies have the nutrition required to remain healthy. This is even more important if you do not eat certified organic foods and certified organic fresh produce.”

The diet, created by Dr. Peter D’Adamo, sounds great if you’re Kerr’s type, but does that mean the 56% and 69% of people in the United States who have type O or type B are doomed to beef and chicken?

Not exactly.

Critics of D’Adamo’s plan are quick to point out there isn’t enough sound evidence showing one blood type is better for eating some foods over others.

David W. Grotto, RD, LD, a spokesman for the American Dietetic Association, said at WebMD: “D’Adamo doesn’t say avoid vegetables and fruit, for example — but his specific recommendations based on blood type — the science is not there to support it. I’m not aware that anyone has duplicated his research.”

Grotto is type O, but he doesn’t thrive off eating squirrels off the road or 3 pound sirloins.

“I’m type O and apparently I should be feasting over roadkill. Well, that doesn’t work for me because I don’t like too much meat.”

Deirdre B. Williams, N.D. and John J. McMahon, N.D. at VegSource further challenged D’Adamo’s book on the subject. In it, D’Adamo claims type Os have extra stomach acid and are able to digest meat well. In reality, when more stomach acid is present, the lower the pH of the stomach would be, and the enzyme responsible for protein digestion,  pepsin, would be less effective.

One more piece of evidence showing blood type doesn’t shape your food future. Everyone’s favorite vegetarian designer Stella McCartney is a type O. And one of the champions behind the UK’s Meat-Free Monday campaign has been thriving on the diet for years.

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