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Stella McCartney, Blood Type O, And Vegetarian Diet

Written by Vegetarian Star on October 27th, 2009 in Fashion, Food & Drink.

McCartney Family Launch Meat Free Monday - Photocall

Could Stella McCartney‘s blood type doom her to a meat eating diet one day?

In an article from the Times Online:

“Even now, I exercise regularly, and I’ve still put on weight in the past few weeks. If I eat wheat, potatoes or rice, all the nice stuff, I just blow up. I’m O positive, which, apparently, is the meat-eating blood type — obviously not great for me.”

Stella’s talking about the controversial Blood Type Diet, advocated by Peter D’Adamo, who advocated eating certain types of foods based on the Blood Types of O, A, B, and AB.

However, missing from D’Adamo’s prescribed program is the lack of clinical data.

Plus, Type O’s are said to do best on high protein diets-not just meat.

So hold the seitan and potatoes if you must.

But pile high the dozens of other high protein vegetarian foods on your plate.

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30 Responses to “Stella McCartney, Blood Type O, And Vegetarian Diet”

  1. Andrea Says:

    Come on Stella, it is easy for you to go to see Dr. D’Adamo in his office and let him explain the whole thing to you. Why O’s thrive on meat and A’s thrive on being vegetarians.
    Please for your health, just do it.

  2. Peter Says:

    Come on Andrea, come over to my office and I’ll be glad to show you how I am living proof that O’s can thrive just as well, if not better without animal products than with. The experiment has been successful for me the last 12 years, so why wouldn’t it work for Stella?

    No need for O’s or anybody else to put artery-clogging, acid-producing, disease-promoting, environmentally destructive, animal-brutilizing foods inside themselves.
    Stella, for her health and ethical sense, knows what’s right for her.

  3. Peppermint Twist Says:

    Dr. D’Adamo’s diets–both the Blood Type Diet and the newer Genotype Diet–are centered around organic, whole, pure, high-quality, nutrient-dense foods which, in order to fit into those criteria, by definition are sustainably raised. The diets are exquisitely tailored around the individual in order to minimize inherent weaknesses and maximize inherent strengths, thus resulting in systemic balance and radiant health. The “high protein” foods referred to in the link this piece provides to show that we don’t need meat are actually NOT high in protein, certainly not high enough to meet the needs of a Type O, and they contain mostly starchy carbohydrates and lectins which are harmful to our health. I’m sticking to my genotype diet, which does include some organic meat. Dr. D’Adamo wrote, in “The Genotype Diet”: “One clue: the right diet will always make you feel better, not worse”. Peter Singer wrote, in his classic “Animal Liberation”, that if you keenly observe nature and stick close to nature, you can’t go too wrong. Well, in nature, some animals do eat other animals. I’m not thrilled about this reality, but I’ve tried to be a vegetarian (for years) and I was not healthy on a vegetarian diet. The right diet WILL make you feel better, so let your glowing health guide you like a beacon of light to what is right for you, be it a vegetarian diet or a more omnivorous one, and which diet is right for us, what they should all have in common is that we choose organic, humanely-raised, sustainably-produced food.

  4. Peppermint Twist Says:

    P.S. Typo correction for my last sentence: In my last sentence, there’s a part that should read “…and no matter which diet is right for us”, not “…and which diet is right for us.

  5. Velva Peterson Says:

    I have been a vegetarian for 45 years and vegan for 20 years. I am a type O. The Blood Diet Book Controversy is nonsense. I do not exercise excessively and have no weight no weight problem and in 45 years have not had the flu.

    Most of the largest and strongest of animals are plant eaters. Where do they get their protein. Plants of course. Why not go directly to the source for our protein. Stop justifying the eating of animals, go direct to the source. It is the only logical and compassionate way to be. Plain and simple plant eating is the way to go.

  6. Emily Says:

    After years of acne and rosecea my face finally cleared up after going vegan for several weeks. Then my naturopath put me back on the O-blood type diet I had been on, and it all came back after a week. Dr. D’Adamo’s book does make some sense to me. I’m really confused on this.

  7. Dino Steffens Says:

    To be honest what Dr Adamo recommends is not based on the animals welfare… Just another scientist doing his science… I am blood type 0 and i am perfectly fine with my vegetarian diet. Physically and consciously. Well done Stella keep up the good work!!!
    Vegetarians are the only true peace makers….

  8. Skipphag Says:

    if we look at nature, we see that the other apes eat meat. chimpanzees eat birds, squirrels and insects.
    regardless of whether you believe in creation or evolution, or both, we are apes.
    eating meat is not brutal. it is nature.

    meat is murder? yes, tasty, tasty murder!

  9. MISS MISSY Says:

    I’M a blood type O, and i have tried to go vegitarion for a while now and just can’t. i need some kind of protien. When i was on my vegie diet, i had constant gas and nothing really changed for my health. I still felt tired and my teeth looked like it was losing enamal. My sinus problems where still their, and i still had cloudy headedness. I am actually getting the blood type book because a lot of the diet specifications made sense and i did add meat back to my diet (organic) and i felt like i had energy. I think for sertain blood types call for certain nutrients. So im focusing on eating the right things. All i can say is, LISTEN TO YOUR BODY! if your trying something and you dont see results and feel like it doesnt work, change it. just because someone runs guilt trips on you doesnt mean you should be what they want you to be. In order for the killing of animals to stop, i think everyone would have to be vegetarian and i dont see that happening soon. Vegitarians talk about how harmful it is to eat meat. veggies have pesticides and poisons too, watch Food Inc. its a documentary about the food we eat, so like i said listen to your body and do what works.

  10. Geena Says:

    I am a 20 year vegan and type 0-, Far healthier now than the other half of my life as a carnivore. I read this book. It did not work for me. I do not need red meat and I believe there are too many genetic variables to follow this regime.

  11. Lori Says:

    For years I suffered with digestive problems, allergies, feeling bloated and miserable, tired, and just plain lousy feeling. I found the blood type diet by accident. After reading about all the foods I shouldn’t eat, I was shocked. I followed the type O diet and my life changed, immediately. All my digestive problems disappeared after eliminating wheat and dairy, and grains in general. I no longer eat pork and hadn’t realized how “stuffed” it made my stomach feel until I stopped eating it and then ate it again at a dinner. I felt lousy. My allergies are gone, my skin became clear and smooth, and my hair is unbelievably shiny and healthy. It grows so fast it’s unreal. My exhaustion and general “tired” feeling is gone. Even when I don’t get enough sleep, I’m a little tired, but not exhausted the way I used to be. I haven’t had a cold or flu in YEARS. I used to get them all the time. My weight stabilized and I am thin with no effort. As soon as I fall off the wagon and eat the wrong foods just to “enjoy” them, I gain weight and feel awful immediately. Those times of eating the wrong foods have dwindled down to almost never, it’s just not worth feeling lousy for something that takes a matter of seconds to eat. I highly recommend the blood type diet. All the problems I had, were problems I’d had for a very long time, completely unaware of the blood type diet. So it’s not some psychological trick of the mind. I have really noticed that if I do eat wheat, potatoes, carbs, etc, my joints feel swollen and my body in general feels “puffy”. I’d had problems with achy joints, especially in the morning, now I never have that problem. Dairy is history for me, I use alternatives from Whole Foods and I miss nothing now. This diet has changed my life. I’m 55 years old and feel like I’m 25.

  12. Liberty Says:

    I’ve been a vegetarian for about 10 years now, but am blood type 0 which apparently thrives on meat, i’m the right weight, eat super healthy but often get rundown and tired- but I don’t think I could go back to eating meat, i truthfully and honestly don’t enjoy the taste…any suggestions?

  13. Ava Says:

    @MISS MISSY you should try going vegan. The best kinds of proteins are plant based, and it is silly to think you cannot get enough protein on a vegan or even vegetarian diet. If you had all of those problems, I suggest you go vegan, and make sure you are getting your nutrients and enough water. Check out: http://veganpeace.blogspot.com/2008/02/vegan-nutrition.html

    @Liberty All it really means is you may need more protein. Type C’s thrive on protein not meat. Complete proteins for vegans include spirulina, quinoa, buckwheat, hempseed, and amaranth, & soy products such as soybeans, edamame, tofu, tempeh, and miso. Other good sources of protein include lentils, seitan (wheat gluten), TVP, kamut, nuts & seeds, beans, grains (barley, cornmeal, brown rice, millet, oatmeal, rye, bulgur, whole wheat couscous), nutritional yeast, green pea, green leafy vegetables, chlorella, plant milks, protein powders/drinks and plant meats/meat substitutes. It is really quite simple to get protein in a vegan diet.
    More protein sources: http://veganpeace.blogspot.com/2008/02/vegan-nutrition.html

  14. Oriah Says:

    Some people like the taste of foods outside the vegan lifestyle. Heck I have relatives and grandparents that aren’t vegetarians that live into their 90’s. What are you vegans really trying to prove? If you don’t want a steak or any meat, don’t eat it, but to others including me, it tastes great, you can keep your Caesar Salad. I like a real meal with my entree. I like variety when it comes to food, I’m not a squirrel, I don’t enjoy eating the same thing day after day..and for what? What’s the privilege of being 100 instead of 90 or 95? Five more years of that great ol’ living you enjoy when you are that feeble?

  15. verucalane Says:

    I’m vegan (and for what it’s worth, Type O). Since eliminating dairy and eggs and reducing refined carbohydrate intake (which I believe is the only valid thing stated in the diet plan for my blood type), I have had more energy and stamina, noticed my hair is shiny and healthy, my skin ismore radiant and clearer than ever. Sounds really similar to Lori’s experience, futher making be think that dairy and refined carbs are the true culprits.

    @Oriah, no disrespect intended, but your comment sounds very ignorant. I became vegan for health and political reasons. I am not trying to prove anything to anyone. I am chose a vegan diet to cultivate my own good health and conscience. This is solely for me and I’m sure other vegans share my sentiments. Although it would not be my personal choice, I’d never take a steak off of your plate if that is what you choose to fuel your body with. Your comments make it seem as though you are in actually trying to prove something to me about the way I eat. If you don’t appreciate being made to feel that way (albeit erroneously), why would asume I would want you to “prove something” to me?

    P.S. Vegans don’t eat Caesar salad. They contain cheese and the dressing often contains egg and fish.

    ~~~peace, love, and health to all~~~

  16. verucalane Says:

    please excuse the plethora of typos in my previous comment!!! I was responding quickly and REALLY should have done a proof-read. I assure you they have nothing to do with my bloodtype or vegan diet choice. 🙂

  17. Peter Says:


    Just because something is natural, doesn’t mean we should do it. Apes eat meat, but they also rape females, or out of anger, kill infants by smashing their heads onto rocks. It’s nature for them. Are you saying that we should also rape and kill fellow humans because it’s natural for us to do that?

  18. Peter Says:

    The human body has over 45,000,000,000,000 cells that run on glucose. If the body eats carbohydrates, it all gets converted into glucose for the body to use at some point. Certain cells need insulin in order to absorb the glucose and use it for energy.

    Logically speaking, the glucose from rice, potatoes, grains, or tubers all have to end go somewhere in your body. Does anyone find it strange why it all goes to the adipocytes (fat cells)? People can obviously do low-carbohydrate diets and then force the body to use fat as an alternative source, but why are carbohydrates the problem? If all the cells in the body run on glucose, and the body eats glucose, then should a lot of the glucose go to the cells other than the adipocytes? After all, every cell in the body constantly needs fuel to work. Where do all the glucose go to in lean people who are sedentary?

    ANSWER: Obviously, in lean people who are sedentary, all the glucose goes to cells other than adipocytes. If you get sugar rushes, sugar crashes, or get fat after eating carbohydrates, it means that something is very wrong with the way your body processes carbohydrates (aside from overeating). The adipocytes seem to be taking up all the glucose you eat. That’s not supposed to happen. All the glucose is supposed to go to the brain cells and muscle cells. Your body’s sensitivity to insulin might be skewed. In other words, the cells that are supposed to be receiving insulin, are unable to use it, and that’s why it all goes to the adipocytes. If you have problems with carbohydrates, you need to reprogram your body to properly utilize carbohydrates like those lean people who are sedentary. Low-carbohydrate diets only lower your body fat levels, blood sugar levels, blood insulin levels, but does not fix the problem with the way your body processes carbohydrates. Dr. John A. McDougall has a method called “The Starch Solution”, which is healing the body through the consumption of starches like potatoes.

  19. Peter Says:

    “Even now, I exercise regularly, and I’ve still put on weight in the past few weeks. If I eat wheat, potatoes or rice, all the nice stuff, I just blow up”

    Trust me, your so called “exercise” is probably barely doing anything that counts as real exercise such as walking slowly on a treadmill while leaning on the dashboard, or cycling the same way. When you eat “wheat, potatoes or rice” your are probably eating huge quantities of it, at least more than what you need for your exercise.

    During the times before 1 C.E., people in Europe regularly ate potatoes and wheat. People in India, China, Korea, Japan and the rest of Asia ate rice. They were not fat because everyone had to labour hard for every single day whether you were a farmer, housewife, rickshaw puller or soldier.

    You are clearly not labouring hard enough for your food. Blame it on your laziness and not your blood type. Obesity has only been around several decades ago whereas eating high-carbohydrate foods existed for 4,000+ years.

  20. JohnScrub Says:

    Instead of chewing the fat over whether or not the fat should be chewed, can someone actually suggest a great starter for a vegetarian with type O blood? You all seem to know much more about this than I. I found this page while searching for the types of vegetarian friendly foods someone with my bloodtype should eat to keep themselves healthy. Can someone be helpful in the unearthing of this information?

  21. JohnScrub Says:

    I seem to have missed Ava’s comment, thank you Ava

  22. Pbuckley Says:

    THis is why a nutritionist is the best way to figure out the right diet for you. The truth is, no doctor who writes for the masses can REALLY know if thier system will work for everybody. No one system can claim that it does.

    Genetics have a lot to do with the way we process food.

    Think of the way we create different breeds of dog for instance. Breeders can breed specific traits into and out of dogs almost at a whim.

    We are much more diverse and intermixed than dogs. Consider that, yes, this ‘diet/lifestyle’ probably holds true for a signifigant % of the population. Heck.. it works that way for every diet.

    Stop fooling yourselves, there is no “single” diet program that can work for everyone.

    Even your doctors will tell you to try one medication ‘first’…

  23. Lisa Says:

    If eating an animal causes suffering then find another source of protein. Dipping into the past for justification is ridiculous. We are all waking up and no living being need suffer just because they taste good. It’s a new world, go with it. You may like it!

  24. Lisa Says:

    Peter you’re the best!

  25. Ashley Says:

    I have been vegetarian for 3 years and read in some comments that being vegetarian made a person ‘gassy’ and to have a ‘clouded head.’ After 2 years of veganism, I went into a ‘regular’ vegetarian lifestyle, but with very limited lactose intake. Then, after several months I moved into a place where it was very convenient to eat white bread, salad, and tofu almost every day. Vegetables, fruits, and proteins like chickpeas, lentils, etc. were eaten only infrequently. I experienced gassiness, clouded thoughts, lightheadedness, and more. This is no wonder- I was feeding myself completely incorrectly!

    Dr. Joel Fuhrman’s book “Eat to Live” is a great nutrition-based book that breaks down the necessity of certain foods to great overall health.

    As far as vegetarian food not being ‘high enough’ in protein, that’s nonsense. The calorie to protein ration in most plants is much lower than how many calories a person needs to consume from an animal to reach the same amount of protein.

  26. Sophie Says:

    I am confused, for years I was a vegan and felt great. A little too much energy:)

    I am type o- and for 5 years, I have reintroduced meat back into my life.

    lately, I am feeling sluggish and just not interested in doing this anymore…. does anyone really think that I can go back after putting all this meat in my body?

  27. Amy Says:

    Vegans, Vegetarians.. WAKE UP!! I’m so TIRED of your preaching that eating a plant based diet is the only humane non-killing way to eat!

    That is BONK! Pure BONK!

    You are SIMPLY not energetically and spiritually evolved enough to notice and release that plants are conscious, feel pain and have feelings. The plant kingdom is extremely highly evolved (way more than the animal kingdom!) and equally a part of Source Consciousness as are animals and all beings.

    Trees are the most advanced of the plant kingdom and are the “human equivalent” of that kingdom. The plant kingdom has been in existence a LOT longer than the animal kingdom. Just because YOU cannot “hear” the wisdom of trees and plants or notice their ‘ways of expressing’, doesn’t mean that they are not the wisest teachers to be found on the Earth. Notice the Earth has chosen the PLANTS to breathe for her and sustain her atmosphere — NOT the animals.

    So get over it! You commit “murder” and acts of violence against another living species every time you eat a plant or product made from plants. See it – own the responsibility.

    On the Earth, all life comes from the Sun and the Earth. In short – PLANTS have systems designed to get their nutrition directly from the Sun and soil. Animals do not have the ability to get their nutrition directly from the Sun and soil, animals must eat plants to get this nutrition.

    Certain animals are OPTIMIZED to break down the hard cellulose cell walls of plants (cows and other ruminates with multiple stomachs are examples) others are not. The others (in order to access the Sun formed nutrients) must EAT the animals that CAN break down the plants and assimilate their nutrients properly.

    Human beings are OMNIVORES by design. You can shun one side of your optimized bio-design – and with fancy equipment (blenders, food processors) and fermentation you can break down a lot of plant cellulose to release many nutrients – but you will always be seeking to supply your body with those nutrients and vitamins that come only from eating an animal based food. What that looks like is crazy mixing of this and that and eating many foods for one or two nutrients alone.

    Diets are SO SIMPLE when you eat some clean organic, not processed, not interfered with, HAPPILY RAISED and LOVINGLY cared for animal products ALONG WITH the proper variety of unprocessed, lovingly raised plant based foods for your blood type genome.
    (Do not dismiss the importance of care, love and wellbeing in the resulting NUTRIENT PROFILE of anything coming from an animal or plant.)

    No complicated mixing, no constant seeking to balance nutrients. They are ALL there for you in an Omnivorous diet. Simple, elegant and balanced.

    And most of all… I emphasize, Vegans and Vegetarians … stop thinking you are eating a “pacifist” diet devoid of any violence or murder.

  28. Amy Says:

    As a Post script:

    Just because you cannot SEE the pain in the plants eyes – does not indicate they feel ANY LESS than an animal. Humans naturally feel compassion for animals because they see the “human aspects” within them and the commonality with their own species. That’s all.

    (This taken to extreme is exemplified by humans putting domesticated animals in human style clothing).

  29. Sally Says:

    Yeeeaaah. This D’adamo dude’s list is a bit ‘vague’, and his attempts to explain any ‘whys’ are pretty thin on the ground, too.

    Any scientific/clinical studies been done to either back up or deny this theory?

    Until then, it’s all just ‘blah, blah, blah, buy-my-book’ rants, in my opinion.

  30. Mia Says:

    @Amy – Ok, suppose plants do have feelings. It takes 10 kg of plants to produce 1 kg of meat. So, by eating meat, actually more plants are killed.

    @Sophie – If people can successfully detox from a lifetime of eating meat to becoming thriving vegans, then I’d think detoxing from 5 years of falling off the wagon should be easy. Good luck!

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