Quantcast Vegetarian StarOprah Alicia Silverstone Agree–Vegan Makes Poop Fabulous

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During her chat with Oprah, Alicia Silverstone brought up the subject of how being vegetarian helps you, um, do #2 better.

“I will say this,” Oprah said about being vegan. “Your poop is fabulous.”

“Don’t you want to bring your friends in and say ‘Look at this beautiful thing,'” Alicia added.

With all the fiber consumed from healthy vegetarian food like fruits and vegetables and beans and rice, you’ll always have art to showcase to your friends and family.

Oprah’s not vegan, but she did try the diet for 21 days as part of a cleansing.

Bet she misses the good ol’ days of plentiful poop.

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One Response to “Oprah Alicia Silverstone Agree–Vegan Makes Poop Fabulous”

  1. Alsy Says:

    It smells better too. No, not kidding. It actually does! Faeces of vegans does not contain putrid substances such as cadaverine that are present in the dumps of corpse-eaters.

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