Quantcast Vegetarian StarMichael Vick “The Michael Vick Project” BET Reality TV Show

NY Jets Vs Philadelphia Eagles - Michael Vick plays and Jeremy Piven watches from the stands

In another attempt to redeem his image, Michael Vick will be in a reality TV show on BET, tentatively called The Michael Vick Project.

“I just want people to really get to know me as an individual,” Vick said. “What I want to do is change the perception of me. I am a human being. I’ve made some mistakes in the past, and I wish it had never happened. But it’s not about how you fall, but about how you pick yourself up.”

A great way for Vick to show he’s changed is to continually feature animal issues on the show.

Maybe give a different animal charity a shout out weekly, letting viewers know how they can support it?

Or an adopt an animal clip, with a different four legged “star” each episode.

How do you think Vick can use his reality TV show prove he’s worthy of the public’s praise?

via Ecorazzi.com

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2 Responses to “Michael Vick “The Michael Vick Project” BET Reality TV Show”

  1. Allie Says:

    I seriously don’t think this is about him showing he’s changed, but just about him promoting himself.

  2. peaches Says:

    I think this is what is wrong with America. When people serve their time and come back for a second chance you have so many people that just want to keep them down while they are trying to dig themselves out of dispair and embarrasment. This why so many people go back and commit another crime. I just wish that our society would spend more time trying to concentrate on the youth of america. These children of today are the ones that will be running the country when the grownups of today get to old to know what is going on around them. We are so busy trying to keep a person down because he made mistakes that he has admitted to over and over, that the youth of america is not getting the amount of attention that we give someone that has made a mistake and is trying to show that he now knows he was wrong and will never do it again. we should be trying to with all of our might to help these teenagers instead of keeping someone else down. Our teenagers need a lift and I think that america can do it if only we can change our devoted attention to them and not a man that has paid his time for the crime he commited. by the way if he does give money to humane society or some origanization that woulde not be a waste. but if he give a donation to the youth programs somewhere I think that will be even better! I just wish there was an organization that was truly dedicated to teenagers before the criminal systems eat them alive and they become instututionalized. All I am saying we need to be more devoted to our true treasure and that is the teenagers.

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