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Wolfgang Puck On Animal Welfare, Nutrition, And Health Care

Written by Vegetarian Star on September 24th, 2009 in Animal Issues, Chefs, Food & Drink.

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Wolfgang Puck was recently interviewed by The Gothamist, where he discussed his reasons behind sourcing his food from animals that were treated more humanely before slaughter.

“…in most places when you look at the way they treat the animals, you’re going to become a vegetarian anyway,” Wolfgang said.

More from gothamist.com:

“If you would go to some of these huge farms where they raise veal, and they’re in these little cages where they can’t turn around and they can’t stand up, it’s so depressing. I went once when my son was 15 and he started to cry. He said, “I looked in this cow’s eyes and it looked like she was crying.” Why do they have the big chain around the neck? It’s not necessary.”

“And you know, I think, we always said we want to know how people treat everything we eat. And of course they get killed at the end, but during their life span they should be treated humanely. And I think also it will help small farmers stay in business. And it’s enough that the government subsidizes these corn farmers that are going to make ethanol and that’s not the answer anyway, instead of subsidizing these organic farmers so that our kids in school can get their vegetables. I mean, when you really think about, they get really cheap food. It’s getting a little better, but overall, from that to the Army, they’re getting the worst stuff. Why don’t we put the money for people to grow on small farms so they can grow good things that’s better for us? And in the long run, it cuts down on health care, we will need less doctors because we eat healthier. And I think food and nutrition and eating healthy go hand in hand. We forget that sometimes all these problems are out there because of nutrition, and we are in the most expensive country in the whole world, and we either have no food or people who don’t know how to eat—Oh!”


Animal welfare, nutrition, and health care all in one answer. Maybe it was really Wolfgang and not Emeril who invented the catchphrase “Bam!”

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