Quantcast Vegetarian StarEllen DeGeneres Adds Animal Love To American Idol Judges Panel

Ellen DeGeneres Adds Animal Love To American Idol Judges Panel

Written by Vegetarian Star on September 14th, 2009 in Animal Issues, TV Hosts.

The 36th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards at The Orpheum Theatre in LA

By now you’ve heard the news that American Idol officials have finally found Paula Abdul‘s replacement, Ellen DeGeneres.

Shocked, disappointed, excited-regardless of your feelings about Ellen as a judge, one thing’s for sure: she’ll be bringing a warm heart for animals to the judge’s table.

A vegan and activist who has championed causes like Prop 2 and given away vegan items on her television show, Ellen now makes one more animal advocate along with Simon Cowell.

Simon’s not vegetarian (Ellen, bring your vegan seitan wings to the rehearsals), but he’s been outspoken on animal welfare, including a PSA urging dog owners never to leave their four legged friends locked in a car.

Simon even said he sensed vegetarian Carrie Underwood‘s kindness when she walked into her audition and mentioned putting items about how potential Idol contestants treated animals on the audition questionnaire.

And let’s not forget, Kara Dioguardi reminded everyone to take good care of their dogs too.

Now if only we could get Randy Jackson to get naked in the name of being fur-free.

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7 Responses to “Ellen DeGeneres Adds Animal Love To American Idol Judges Panel”

  1. Emily Says:

    Curious if Ellen has ever said anything about being both a Cover Girl spokesperson and a vegan? Those two things don’t seem to go together. . .

  2. Allie Says:

    I don’t think she was a vegan when she did those ads.

    If my memory serves me correctly she became vegan shortly after those ads starting appearing.

  3. June Says:

    There is way too much discussion of Ellen doing the Cover Girl advertisement.

    This simple mistake is minor in comparison to what’s she’s done over the past year with animal activism and speaking out on the vegan lifestyle.

    It truly could have slipped her mind to ask if the company tested on animals.

    It’s sad that Cover Girl can now use her face to promote its cruel products.

    But Ellen is not the “evil” person in this situation.

    And I agree with Allie-I don’t think Ellen was even vegetarian when the ads came out. And she probably not vegetarian when the contracts were made, shooting began, etc.

  4. Emily Says:

    Thanks for the info Allie. I assumed that was the case.

    June: I’m not sure if you’re responding to me or a larger discussion that’s going on about this issue. Because I certainly didn’t call Ellen “evil.”

    My question was, specifically, has Ellen herself ever talked about it. Because I am curious how she feels about it now that she is a vegan and activist (and the ads are still running).

  5. June Says:


    No, I wasn’t attacking you. 🙂

    I’ve just seen so many negative comments about Ellen and her Cover Girl job on different forums.

    But people aren’t even stopping to consider what Allie said-Ellen probably wasn’t an activist or vegan when she agreed to the ad contract.

    The contract probably puts her on a “gag” to not talk bad about the company too-which would include her mentioning their animal testing rules even though she’s vegan.

    You know how those big companies are. Protecting their dirty assets. 🙂

  6. kiki Says:

    I am sorry but some people here are being naive.

    First of all, anyone who truly cares about animals will not even consider buying something without making sure it is not tested on animals. I have found out about animal testing only earlier this year and I already know all the big brands who test on animals to stay away from. I don’t even have CoverGirl in my country but even I knew they tested on animals!!!

    Becoming a face of a huge company does not happen overnight. She definitely knew they test on animal but signed the contract anyway! Every time she promotes a product on her show she mentions if they don’t test on animals which means she is totally aware. I guess thats what show business does to people. They end up compromising their principles for the love of gain or fame (I am not sure)

  7. Cricut cartridges Says:

    I will admit that AI is getting a little tiresome but I still like it because it is an “easy” watch for us.

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