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Great news for you vegan musicians who happen to have Beatles nostalgia.

Planet Waves, a division of the D’Addario Co., is marketing the first set of authorized Beatles guitar straps and picks.

The straps and picks feature designs inspired by Beatles albums, such as Revolver, Meet the Beatles, and Yellow Submarine.

They took a little extra effort to manufacture because ex Beatle Paul McCartney insisted they not contain leather.

“(With) the straps, we also had the limitation from Paul McCartney being vegan that we weren’t allowed to use any hides,” said company president and CEO Jim D’Addario.

Well, actually, Paul’s just vegetarian, but who cares about technicalities!

“We had to create these out of synthetic materials and then put a sealer on them so they don’t affect the finish on guitars.”

Because of the synthetic material, extra care must be taken.

“You have a compatibility issue between some of these plastic materials and some of the finishes on vintage instruments and the instruments that are still made with natural lacquer finishes. And you’ve got to be careful when you put your guitar away you don’t store the strap behind the guitar with a lot of pressure on it. It could change the finish. We put a sealer on them that insulates the strap from the guitar finish. … So we have a little warning sticker on the back that tells people be careful with it. Lots of these straps are sold on the market successfully. It’s a question of making sure you know how to take care of it.”

So not too much drinking on stage during your performance or you won’t be able to care for your Beatles straps and picks properly when you put them away, okay?

The straps and picks can be ordered online.

via Beatles Examiner Steve Marinucci

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  1. Nora Says:

    Sweet! I wanna get a few just as collectors items. I don’t even know how to play guitar. 🙂

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