Quantcast Vegetarian StarBobby Flay: Likes Vegetarians, Not Interested In Veggie Burgers

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Celebrity chef Bobby Flay sat down to talk nothing but burgers to Theday.com.

The king of the grill, unlike some celebrity chefs (cough, cough Gordon Ramsay) who have made jokes about electrocuting their children if they ever became vegetarian, acknowledges vegetarian dishes have importance in a restaurant.

Just don’t ask him to eat a veggie burger with you at dinner.

“I’m not interested,” Flay said, when asked what his feelings were on veggie burgers at Bobby’s Burger Palace, a new restaurant he’s opened.

“And I say that only because I’ve never had a veggie burger that I really liked. I’m very sensitive to vegetarians’ needs; I deal with it every day of my life. I think it’s a very, very important part of cuisine these days. It’s challenging to create creative vegetarian meals. That’s something we do at the other restaurants. But a veggie burger, I think it’s something I have not found that I can do well, so I’m not going to do it. I don’t want to serve something that’s subpar. ”

Well, thanks for the consideration Bobby and we’re happy you realize we’re important. But why leave something off the menu because you don’t like it? Isn’t it about the customer?

Many, if not most restaurants that serve burgers will have a vegetarian option available, even if it’s just a frozen patty they “customize” by putting their own fixings on it.

Bobby should bring in his own little focus group of veg heads, whip up a few creations, and let them decide what meatless patty should be on the Burger Palace menu.

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