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Dennis Miller and Bill O’Reilly recently exchanged some words on PETA. Turns out Miller thinks PETA isn’t all that bad. But he criticizes what he calls their “bedside manners,” or way of going about their activism, even joking that “animals are embarrassed that they front them.”

O’REILLY: All right. Let’s get on to you can’t have the circus anymore. The PETA people say that the circus is brutal to the animals and they’re taking their case to the kids. In Baltimore, PETA activists dressed up, and they’re telling kids that, you know, all kind of mean stuff is happening at the circus. What do you think?

MILLER: I think PETA people are emotional wrecks. I think they have been so horribly disappointed by their fellow human beings that they have to cozy up to a ferret to have a friend. And I think there are even animals out there who are embarrassed that they front them. They ought to lay off the kids, although psychologically and intellectually, that’s who they’re akin to. But the simple fact is kids love the circus. And PETA to get in the middle of that, it’s just, you know, like I said, it’s embarrassing to them.

I feel empathy and I feel loathing for PETA. Because sometimes I look at them and I go, “Wow, they’ve been so cracked up about fellow humans, they’ve got to befriend the pet world.” And then there are other times that I think, “Oh, shut up, you’re going to have a kid one day, for God’s sakes. Let him go to the circus.”

O’REILLY: Well, I feel the same way. I think PETA did some good work in the cruelty to animals stuff. But they’re just way over the line.

MILLER: Bill, they do good — they do good work with the clumsiest bedside manner imaginable.

O’REILLY: Right.

MILLER: They could do better work if they just used their heads.

What’s your opinion on PETA? Do you agree with Miller on their tactics? Or does he need to get educated on the horrors circuses really put animals through?

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11 Responses to “Dennis Miller To Bill O’Reilly: PETA Embarrasses Animals”

  1. Chuck E. Cheese Says:

    I think Dennis Miller is using this as an opportunity to be sarcastic.

    PETA has the right intentions. They are radical and most people can’t handle that instantly. However, many of their “radical” footage of animal abuse, such as factory farms, have turned lots of people veg.

  2. missy Says:

    Are you kidding? PETA is full of nut jobs. They only turn people away. There are much more effective ways to highlight animal cruelty and promote going veg than naked women and offending people by bringing in the Holocaust with animal rights.

  3. Chuck Says:

    PETA is completely out of touch. Their constant publicity stunts just give the impression that supporting animal rights means turning into some weirdo who walks around naked with a fake tiger tail taped to your bum. I support most of PETA’s goals, but I do not want to be associated with those wackos.

  4. Christy Says:

    Not to mention their wacky leader, Ingrid Newkirk. Her will asks that her body be barbecued, her skin turned to leather, and her eyeballs and ears be sent to organizations PETA is “watching” and “listening” to. Go take a look.



  5. PETA Animal Controversary by Bill O’Reilly and Dennis Miller | Dog Stories | WayCoolDogs.com Says:

    […] Dennis Miller To Bill O’Reilly: PETA Embarrasses Animals Written by Veg Star Staff on March 28th, 2009 in Animal Rights, Radio Hosts, TV Hosts. […]


    PETA are a bunch of wacko nut jobs who have killed far more animals then the notorious MICHEAL VICK and even while PETA wackos have been blabbering about COMPASSION in their silly ads and protests they certianly didnt show any compassion for the 97% of the animals they killled and left in a dumpster

  7. LH Says:

    I’m with Dennis on this one. I believe in what PETA stands for and think they do some good work, but they do get some nutty people in the mix that make it look bad for everyone there. If you condem PETA for euthanasia..please try to remember that they get the worst of the worst cases dumped on their doorstep all the time. What did you believe happened to all euthanized unwanted animals anyway. They don’t magically disappear. Some so called shelters and vets sell them to be made into pet food!

  8. Katherine Says:

    As a vegan, animal rights activist, right off the bat if someone hears it, they think I’m a crazy PETA person. And while I don’t agree with some of their tactics (over sexing things up, ‘sea kittens’ and things like human breast milk cheese. ew.) they get the job done. If it wasn’t for them, 99% of vegetarians and vegans would have never given up eating meat, wearing fur, going to the circus, etc. I’ve done protests with them that were peaceful, informative and very positive. People only hear about the crazy ones.

    Maybe all those complaining should actually do something and create an alternative to PETA, one that would be more ‘respected’? Because unless you all are willing to put your lives on the line for your beliefs like they do, shut up.

    As for Bill O’Reilly, I know he has stood up for animals in the past and he is fairly moderate when it comes to animal activism. (although I don’t agree with him on much else) Dennis Miller is just someone with too little knowledge for such a big mouth.

  9. Jayson Says:

    PETA is the equivalent of ACORN. The pres is clinically insane, the organization pulls in huge money from animal lovers who dont know that the organization is violent and routinely uses violence to prove that they are “needed”. Bunch of sickos with con game…feds should shut down.

  10. Jenna Says:

    Memo to Dennis Miller: If homo sapiens want to perform, that’s fine, that’s their choice, but don’t make other species of animals do it. You need to educate yourself, Miller, about what kind of life circus animals have and the abuse they endure. Animal abuse is not a laughing matter and when you and O’Reilly yuk it up like you do because you apparently think that all the fuss about protecting animals is silly, it reflects poorly on you. I don’t agree with PETA’s philosophy that unless an animal is totally free it is better off dead no matter the circumstances, but PETA is at least fighting for animals’ rights, something you and O’Reilly obviously don’t think they should have. What are you two doing about the plight of animals in the world, besides trying to see what kind of joke you can make out of it and ridiculing the activists? When you have the spotlight, I wish you would do some good with it instead of throwing the opportunity away. When you make light of animal abuse, you reinforce the belief that the pain and suffering and death of millions of innocent animals in this country every year doesn’t matter. It matters plenty to the animal! And to me! I wish it mattered to you and O’Reilly.

  11. Randy Says:

    I listened to Dennis Miller basically tell a woman last night that it was not his concern the suffering of another living thing as long as there was some kind of satisfaction in it for him This was on the radio. It made me sick that people who feel this way have the audacity to call themselves human. Unless to be human is to be inhumane. Truly intelligent people are able to make the connection between their actions and the suffering it causes other living things. People like Dennis Miller obviously lack the ability to feel compassion outside of their own hedonism. Many of the worlds greatest minds did in fact get it. Albert Einstein for example. Because “PETA” people get it, some are have found that only brazen actions get the attention of people who don’t. People who do “crazy” things to protect animals do so because they find it unbearable that those who don’t understand (or care) that suffering is not uniquely a human trait are immediately putting many animals through tortured hell. I’m appalled by Dennis Miller and his callous regard for life and those who cannot think and are like him. He merrily walks his sashay, pleasing himself in life with no regard outside his own pleasure. And yet will call those who sacrifice for the well being of other living things ignorant? I wonder how it is that so many like him seem to pollute the air with their breath in modern times. Perhaps we are regressing as a species instead of progressing. If Dennis Millier is an example of Mankind, then I would say we all should be embarrassed.

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