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Ernest Borgnine–Longtime Vegetarian And Self-Pleasurer–Passes

Written by Vegetarian Star on Monday, July 9th, 2012 in Actors, Food & Drink.

Ernest Borgnine

Ernest Borgnine, Oscar-winning actor with a personality as great as his smile onscreen, has passed away at the age of 95.

It takes a lot to make it through nine decades of life. The actor known for films like Flight of the Phoenix, The Dirty Dozen, The Wild Bunch, The Poseidon Adventure, Johnny Guitar and Escape from New York said his secret was that he stayed away from meat for more than three of those decades.


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Actor Ernest Borgnine has the secret to living into your nineties.

Twice a day you can bet he’s beating the meat or choking the chicken, but this vegetarian isn’t tenderizing steak or being cruel to animals. Borgnine says the secret to staying healthy is staying away from meat and masturbating.

Borgnine told WENN, “I answered that question one time on Fox News. This fella kept bothering me all morning: ‘What do you do to keep yourself so worked up?’ Finally, I got sick and got tired and I forgot that I was miked. I reached over and replied, ‘I masturbate a lot!'”

“I also gave up meat about 35 years ago.”

Does Borgnine really have the secret to living a long, disease-free life? We already know a vegetarian diet is good for beating the main nasties in health like cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease. But should masturbation be on the doctor’s recommendation list for wellness? Turns out beating the meat but not eating it has fantastic benefits for men and women.


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