Quantcast Vegetarian StarJane Velez-Mitchell CNN Article On Consequences Of Meat

Jane Velez-Mitchell

Journalist Jane Velez-Mitchell has written an article on the effects of factory farming and meat consumption on the planet.

A very active vegan and animal rights supporter, Mitchell has received awards from the Humane Society of the United States and has used her HLN show to regularly discuss current topics emerging in animal welfare.

Whether you want to reduce or eliminate meat for the animals, your health or the environment, there are plenty of reasons to do so.

Mitchell outlines just a few in her piece.

The health care crisis:
“A report by the Union of Concerned Scientists says we could save 100,000 lives and $17 billion in health care costs from heart disease every year if Americans ate more fruits and vegetables.”

The environment:
“Meat production is one of the leading causes of climate change because of the destruction of the rainforest for grazing lands, the massive amounts of methane produced by farm animals and the huge amounts of water, grain and other resources required to feed animals.”

The hunger problem:
“Bill Gates, who is championing meat alternatives in his “Future of Food” project, puts it succinctly when he notes: “For every 10 kilograms of grain we feed cattle, we get 1 kilogram of beef in return. The calorie kick-back is just too low to feed a growing world population.”

Read more at CNN.

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