Quantcast Vegetarian Star“The Daily Show” Pokes Fun Of Animal Farm Whistle Blowers (Video)

The Daily Show featured a segment that poked fun of animal rights activists investigating wrongdoings on farms.

Usual dry humor was intertwined with more serious questions about why these activists do what they do and how it helps uncover abuse.

Activist Jimmy “Cody” Carlson was asked by the host if he looked like a farmer. When Carlson answered, “No,” the host’s reply was, “They why you tryin’ to f*ck with me like one?”

This same host also complained that watching the footage from an undercover investigation using a hidden camera gave him vertigo.

He’s probably not yet completely convinced of the need for farm investigations, as he ended the segment claiming all most Americans want is a “piece of hot meat.”

He was granted his wish as he got to spend some one on one time with one very hot lady (or possibly a man)–a pig sitting on top a table that he shared a bag of junk food with.

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