Quantcast Vegetarian StarJohnny Depp Going Vegan For New Love Amber Heard

Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp is turning 50 this month, but he’s looking great enough to score a woman less than half his age!

The Pirates of the Caribbean actor is dating actress and model Amber Heard, and the new love he’s found has motivated him to take a few steps to look even better.

He’s exercising more and eliminating meat and dairy products from his diet.

On the advice of Heard, he’s also stopped drinking so much.

“She didn’t like how much Johnny was drinking and after she threatened to cut off their relationship, he decided it might be time to quit for good,” a source said.

“He’s also taken up a vegan diet and Pilates after she told him about the benefits and now he’s raving about losing his paunch.”

“Being with Amber’s helping him shape up emotionally and physically.”

The pair are now celebrating their nights out together with non-alcoholic drinks.

Maybe they’ll also be sharing vegan sliders in the future.

Photo: nicogenin/Creative Commons

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11 Responses to “Johnny Depp Going Vegan For New Love Amber Heard”

  1. IC???? Says:

    Pilates of the Caribbean

  2. Actor Johnny Depp reportedly goes vegan | ofcoursevegan Says:

    […] to sources, actor Johnny Depp has gone vegan. While Of Course Vegan could not confirm this news, Vegetarian Star reported that the Pirates of the Caribbean star has turned to the cruelty-free diet after urging from his […]

  3. Vegan? Says:

    Vegans don’t just consume flesh and dairy; they also don’t consume eggs, honey or anything that contain any animal ingredients or their derivatives. The vegan diet is the diet that represents the philosophy of veganism but the vegan diet is only one aspect of veganism. Vegans are against the enslavement, exploitation and killing of animals for food but also for entertainment, clothing, cosmetics, experimentation, research, testing, etc. purposes; veganism is about animal liberation. Anyone who eliminates animal products only from his/her diet and has not yet embraced and internalized the philosophy of veganism is not a vegan but a plant-based eater.

    I know people like to portray famous people as vegans, hoping that their fans will emulate them but if the famous person in question is not one, all it does is harm our movement.

  4. Deanna Dylan Scott Says:

    I have to agree with the above comment. That is fantastic if Johnny Depp or anyone gets away from supporting factory farming and eating the flesh of tortured animals but I would like to hear from him instead of others calling him a vegan before we know if this is a temp thing or if he has really had an awakening and cares how the animals are treated. The thing I cannot stand is these famous people who go vegan to get skinny and then claim they had to go back and eat meat to get healthy. It’s ridiculous when myself and countless others have been vegan for 10 years plus and thriving.
    It would be refreshing to have him speak out for veganism in a heart felt way but time will tell.

  5. Amber Says:

    BRAVO to Vegan?’s comment. While I also rejoice at celebrities cutting animal products from their diets in order to be healthier or thinner, I don’t feel that this act alone makes someone a vegan. Veganism is a philosophy and a lifestyle arising from dedication to that philosophy. It’s AWESOME to anybody who decides to make the first choice to no longer eat animals! – but don’t interpret ethical veganism as merely the latest fad.

  6. Stacey Says:

    While I completely agree that being vegan is more than just what you eat, or choose not to eat, I also am ecstatic to hear of anyone adopting a vegan diet. So many people have began their journey that way, for the health benefits of a vegan diet, and then learned of all the environmental and cruelty free benefits after and stuck with it. I say WAY TO GO JOHNNY DEPP! I didn’t think he could get any sexier, but this is definitely some tofutti cream cheese icing on that cake!

  7. Julie Says:

    Hey, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I don’t really care WHY someone stops eating animals, the fact that they arent just means that many more animals will be spared a cruel death. I did it at first because my doctor advised going on a plant based diet to help me lose weight. I then watched videos that showed where our food was coming from, the abuse these beautiful creatures were enduring, and what eating animal products really does to our bodies. That’s when my attitude changed and I was eating a plant based diet because I felt it was morally wrong to eat another of Gods creatures. People will get there in their own tie. We have to start somewhere!

  8. Rikudou_Sennin Says:

    Julie: What if you met a lion? Do you think, he would agree with you that eating other Gods creatures is wrong?

  9. Lue Says:

    Since when did we derive our moral principles from the behaviour of lions?
    It seems to me that you are either committing a naturalistic fallacy or you must have decided that lions are cleverer than people?
    Furthermore, even supposing that a lion might be capable of holding a moral view, how does the position that the lion holds in any way detract from someone else’s?
    For illustration I could use the following logically equivalent argument to prove you wrong: someone (in this case me) does not agree with you, therefore you are wrong. So you see, your argument leads to a logical contradiction, so it cannot be based on sound reasoning.

    Or have I misunderstood your argument?

  10. Marcia Says:

    I think it’s so awesome Johnny Depp has gone vegan he’s great spokesman for animal rights TY

  11. nadia Says:

    julie if god existed animals wouldnot be tortured……….

    amber and johnny hopefully will realize not eating animals saves themfrom being tortured.

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