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Bryant Terry Black-Eyed Peas Dish For New Year’s Prosperity

Written by Vegetarian Star on December 28th, 2012 in Authors, Food & Drink, Recipes.

The Inspired Vegan

Bryant Terry told NPR that there’s an African-American tradition of eating black-eyed peas around New Year’s meant to bring wealth and prosperity for the upcoming year.

‘The lore is that the black-eyed peas actually represent copper or pennies. And so along with that, one typically will have a green dish such as collards, mustards, turnips, chard, kale or cabbage, and the leafy green dish actually represents money. And then with that, one might have some cornbread, which represents gold. You eat it on New Year’s, and it’s supposed to usher in a very prosperous and abundant year.”

Terry has a dish featuring the symbols for both coins and dollars, his Black-Eyed Peas in Garlic-Ginger-Braised Mustard Greens.

Seaweed is often recommended as a way to soften beans, lentils and legumes and even reduce gas that comes from consuming large amounts of them.

Terry adds a piece of kombu to dried black eye peas that are soaked overnight before cooking.

High protein legumes and vitamin rich greens are guaranteed to add the wealth of nutrition to anyone’s diet even if the stock market crashes.

Grab Terry’s recipe peas and greens, fix the Molasses, Miso, and Maple Candied Sweet Potatoes for dessert and listen to his interview at NPR.

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