Quantcast Vegetarian StarJaime King Thinks Vegan Diet Is Expensive But Admirable

Jaime King

Jaime King is a well-paid, popular actress from the Hart of Dixie series but that doesn’t mean she has loads of money to spend on groceries.

King recently Tweeted about her troubles trying to eat vegan on a budget.

“I feel like you have to be a gazilllionare to be a proper vegan. Like Ellen. Her skin in flawless. I need to save up for a chef.”

She followed up with an additional Tweet just moments later explaining why she admires the diet.

“Let me say when I mention vegan it’s a choice I admire for health, animal and earth reasons. Not for a “look.”

jaime king twitter

jaime king twitter

No vegan may not always be the cheapest diet, but when you take into account costs that stem from eating a diet heavy in meat and dairy, such as diabetes, heart disease, fatigue and abdominal obesity, you’d agree that spending a few extra quarters here and there is certainly worth the investment.

Like any diet, there are numerous ways to adhere to vegan on a budget. Shop for local, cheaper produce at Farmer’s Markets, buy grains–which are generally very inexpensive–in bulk and stock up. Seasonal items will be cheaper because they usually don’t have to be shipped from across the country to the shelves.

For more cheap vegan eating tips, visit Huffington Post.

Photo: pinguino k/Creative Commons

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