Quantcast Vegetarian StarFox “Bones” To Tackle Owning Exotic Animals As Pets


The upcoming Season 8 series of Bones is rumored to have more animal rights themes to it.

Vegan actress Emily Deschanel has always worked with show producers to incorporate vegetarian and/or animal welfare ideas into the Fox primetime hit and it appears Season 8 will tackle to issue of keeping exotic animals as pets.

From TVline:

“EP Stephen Nathan tells me the show is planning an episode that should warm Emily Deschanel’s animal rights-lovin’ heart. “It’s a story about smuggling endangered species into the states as pets,” he reveals. “In fact, what is horrifying is that there are more tigers as pets in Texas than there are in the wild. So we’re doing a story about animal smuggling that takes place in one of those pet expos.”

A previous episode of Bones discussed the issue of chicken farming, something Deschanel said got her fans to re-think their poultry consumption.

“When someone tells me they stopped eating chicken because of the Bones factory farming episode we did last year, I consider that a small victory,” Deschanel said.

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One Response to “Fox “Bones” To Tackle Owning Exotic Animals As Pets”

  1. Melissa Says:

    Thanks but no thanks, I don’t need Hollywood to shape my morals for me.

    More on exotic pet hatred idiocy: http://melissaasmith.hubpages.com/hub/simplelogic

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