Quantcast Vegetarian StarBill Clinton On Vegan With Harvey Weinstein “Piers Morgan Tonight” (Video)

During guest host week on Piers Morgan Tonight, producer Harvey Weinstein took some time to interview former president of the United States Bill Clinton on a variety of topics and, as usual, Clinton’s vegan diet made for interesting conversation.

“You ate cheeseburgers with me in Aspen,” Weinstein said. “Now you’re a vegan. How did you get there? How do I get there?”

Clinton replied that is was simply a matter of the heart, both literally and figuratively. He couldn’t bear to have another cardiac incident.  Or miss the opportunity to see daughter Chelsea give birth.

“When I had my second heart incident and I had to have these stents put in, I had passed all my physicals, I was doing great, I was still building up plaque in my arteries,” revealed the 65-year-old. “So I decided that I wanted to see if I could live to be a grandfather. So I just went all the way.”

“Getting rid of the dairy was great, getting rid of the meat was — I just don’t miss it. Not everybody is as vulnerable to [heart disease] as I am.”

Clinton didn’t say “vegan for all” should be the next constitutional amendment passed, but advises something must be done to fight the rising rates of obesity and other healthcare problems among Americans, including children.

“The main thing is, we can’t let these kids grow up to have a shorter life expectancy that their parents, and that’s what’s happening.”

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    […] his plant-blased diet again with producer Harvey Weinstein on ‘Piers Morgan Tonight.’ According to Vegetarian Star, for Clinton, it was his concern that he would suffer from further cardiac issues or might not live […]

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