Quantcast Vegetarian StarBob Harper Explains Why He Quit Veganism

Bob Harper Explains Why He Quit Veganism

Written by Vegetarian Star on September 16th, 2011 in Food & Drink, TV Hosts.

Bob Harper loss a little love from vegan fans when he revealed he occasionally cheated with dairy items.

Now he has come clean with Reuters that he’s given up veganism altogether.

Some of you may have already had your suspicions…

His #1 reason for sneaking around and indulging in egg whites, dairy chocolate and cheese is the stereotypical “my body needed it” one.

“I still believe that a plant-based diet has tremendous health benefits but I have incorporated more animal protein into my diet,” Harper said.

“I found that my body personally got to a point where I needed something more. I used to yell at people who said that, but now all of a sudden, my body just kind of went, ‘I need something.”

It’s a good bet some of his vegan fans are suggesting he needs nothing more than a smack in the face every time he nibbles on a mozzarella cheese stick.

On a more positive note, Harper did discuss how much he enjoys the company of his rescue dog, Karl.

“Karl is the laziest dog in the world! He could just sit on my lap all day long and that’d be it. But he’s my best friend in the whole entire world. I’m obsessed with him!”

Hope he continues to at least promote a vegetarian diet as a better alternative to a meat one for weight loss for the Biggest Loser contestants.

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17 Responses to “Bob Harper Explains Why He Quit Veganism”

  1. herwin Says:

    seems like the new celeb vegans become vegan for mostly health reasons or dietery reasons, and all too easily dump their new vegan lifestyle with unfair excuses, after a few weeks/months.
    How can anyone who ever seen vids of dairy farms and the egg industry , turned vegan, go back and nibble on cheese or milk chocolate, and say “my body neeeds the animal protein.”? Yeah, right.

  2. DEBBIE Says:


  3. Amy Says:

    I have no more respect for him. I used to love this guy. Next thing he will be touting bypasses when he goes in for one for himself.

  4. Huw Says:

    I think that it is bad that he’s gone back on his morals… however maybe not everyone is strong enough to maintain an ethical diet in a world filled with cheese sticks and chocolate cake…

  5. David Says:

    Who the hell is Bob Harper??

  6. Lindsay Says:

    Y’all are crazy. The guy is in amazing shape and has helped change lives for the better…don’t judge him for what he eats or doesn’t eat. If being a vegan is important and ethical for you, great and more power to you, but it’s not for everyone- don’t be judgemental. You can like it, love it, or hate it, but you can’t change it.

  7. Paul J Says:

    As herwin rightly pointed out. The majority of these ‘celebrities’ are just going through a phase. They have no real commitment to the animal rights cause. They become vegan for health reasons, or because their friends have done it. Very few of them are truly doing it to end animal suffering. With this total lack of commitment it probably won’t be long before he drops vegetarianism too.

  8. Sarah Says:

    I turned vegan against all family wishes when I was 7 out of ethical obligations to the animals and ma responsibility to protect the planet. Later I found about the great health benefits when I began to feel them (not dramatically since I was already on a strick and healthy diet for training) and then with research to see if it was the diet. Hoever, even if for some reason I felt the desire to go back to an omnivorous life, I couldn’t due to my moral/ethical obligations; that is why I prefer people gong vegan for the animals and the environment with health being a plus more than a main reason.

  9. Suzanne Turner Says:

    Being a long-time fan of Bob, I was happy he was representing the “eat more” diet he devised on the Biggest Loser- the concept that you can eat more of the healthy fruits, vegetables and greens and you can fill your plate and stomach, rather than Jillian’s “Eat Less” approach of eating a variety of foods with strict portion control. He was such a good advocate for a plant-based diet.

    There are so many athletes and bodybuilders who get everything they need from a plant-based diet to thrive. If your body suddenly tells you “it needs something more” chances are that what it’s asking for are not chicken wings and mozzarella sticks. Come on, Bob. After all the times you’ve trained people to think critically and push past excuses… I’m calling you out on this one. I love ya Bob, but you let me down. Get it together and return to the discipline, the compassion and the healthy protein you once loved.

    Don’t be a party to the misconceptions that we need animal protein to build muscle and work out. Look at Robert Cheeke, Douglas Graham, Lou Corona, Tonya Kay, Koya Webb, Brendan Brazier, Storm Talifero, Erin Moubray, Marcus Patrick, The Raw Brahs!!… wow, there are so many people coming to mind- these people have the most amazing, gorgeous ripped bodies because they eat RIGHT. It’s not about meat, cheese, supplements, whey, soy… it’s about whole plants. That’s what these people eat. And they KICK ASS in the gym. Bascially, I love ya Bob, and I hope for your health you find the way back.

  10. J Tapey Says:

    I agree with Suzanne. I’d just like to add Mac Danzig(MMA) to the list of accomplished vegan athletes. He became vegan because of ethical beliefs and finds it helps in his sport.

  11. Sharon Says:

    I’m a vegan and I cringe when I am in the company of “preachy vegans”. People can live however they want to. If everyone just looked after their own business a little more, perhaps they wouldn’t feel the need to judge others!

  12. Drew Says:

    So Sharon, by your logic, we should just let rapists and murderers do as they please? It’s none of our business, right. Live and let live, or in the case of the other animals, die.

  13. Cassie Says:

    I think Bob Harper is wishy-washy. How can you be 100% dedicated to a cause one day and then eating steak a year later? Seems like he can be “sold” most anything. Now he’s on board with Crossfit and their meat eating diet and talking about that constantly. I think Crossfit is great but I lose respect for someone who goes from one extreme to the other. The guy hosted the walk for farm animals to educate people about the cruelty of factory farming!! Once you know about that – how do you go back? Lost respect for you Bob on this one. I can’t take any diet advice from this guy seriously.

  14. Beth Says:

    Im disappointed and really believe he did this for financial gain. Quaker oats has been a long sponsor of bobs for a while and since many of there products contain dairy I’m sure that they were not pleased that there spokesperson was promoting a vegan lifestyle.

  15. Tony Says:

    Wow, i came to this webpage investigating being vegan. I guess it’s more of a cult preaching ethics than a dietary lifestyle….no wonder people try not to say vegan anymore and use “plant-based” instead. So here’s a guy who’s worked out and been physically fit his entire life. He tried a diet (and if you read his book) he found himself getting soft. I’m guessing after all the years of making his and others health and fitness his life he’d know something about how his body and workouts reacts to his diet. Unfortunately people jump in for health and jump out because they don’t want to campaign for PETA.

  16. Candice Says:

    My body tells me I want junk food, doesn’t mean I need junk food to live. Ppl should just say they aren’t vegan anymore and don’t try to make a ‘my body needed it’ excuse cause you can get everything you need from plant foods. Go ahead and admit your eating animal foods again, but don’t make ‘health’ excuses and misinform people

  17. Collette Says:

    Incredibly disappointing and I’m sorry, a total cop out. I’ve been a vegan for 20 years and the doctors always say my bloodwork is “perfect.” My best friend, who is a doctor herself, has been vegan for 38 years and is the very picture of health. More to the point, if he only became vegan for health reasons, he’s missed the ethical component. If you are a person of integrity and you learn the suffering animal products cause you can just NOT go back. If he were vegan because he really truly cared about other sentient beings he would have figured out what was going on with his body and addressed in a way that didn’t cause suffering. I’ve really lost respect for him.

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