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Bob Harper Continues His Vegan Cheating Ways

Written by Vegetarian Star on June 13th, 2011 in Celebrity Tweets, Food & Drink, TV Hosts.

Bob Harper

Bob Harper disappointed vegan fans recently when he admitted to Star Magazine he occasionally cheats on his what was presumed to be a vegan diet. After reading the entire Star story, some would agree that Bob the vegan is really a flexitarian who eats mostly plants.

And now, more evidence reveals Harper is slipping further away from the decision he claims saved his cholesterol levels from doom.

During a recent Tweet, Harper said, “I woke up craving egg whites today so decided to have them….so crazy!! It’s been so long. Also had strawberries & oatmeal.”

Okay. So he’s already proved no one is human. But is it really necessary to continue talking about those occasional cravings you give into if you continue to call yourself a vegan.

Would Harper be a better advocate for plants by dropping the “v” word to avoid looking like a hypocrite and just saying he tries to avoid animal products?

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2 Responses to “Bob Harper Continues His Vegan Cheating Ways”

  1. herwin Says:

    why should anyone wants to call himself “vegan” and still eat occasionaly eat animal products AND twitter about it.
    The moment talk shows make “flexitarian” the fashion diet of the day, i bet that this guy jumps the flexitarian bandwagon AND probably will bad talk veganism.
    No respect for that guy…

  2. Vibeke Says:

    I think that people are too hard on people and that Harper is being REAL for admitting his slip-ups. Who cares! Eating a plant based diet is the best thing you can do for your health, for the animals and for the environment. You just have to do the best you can as often as you can.

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