Quantcast Simon Cowell Draws Criticism For Painting Sheep For “Red Or Black”

Simon Cowell

Horses breathed a sigh of relief once they learned Selena Gomez wasn’t going to embarass them by painting them pink for her new music video, “Love You Like A Love Song.”

Now sheep must make a run for it or risk being spray painted for a new Simon Cowell show in the UK.

Cowell had sheep spray painted for his new gameshow, Red or Black, which gives contestants the opportunity to win a million dollars with the spin of a wheel.

PETA criticized the move, saying, “Subjecting these shy sensitive animals to long periods of restraint in order to spray them with potentially noxious chemicals will also be stressful and frightening for them.”

An official from the show denied any harm was done to the animals.

“I can assure viewers we are not in the business of being cruel to animals,” a source said. “We followed all the proper guidelines for using animals on television. While the animals may have looked quite dramatic in their new colors, they did not come to any harm.”

Cowell has participated in numerous animal rights campaigns, including one reminding pet owners to never leave their dogs in a car. Given his commitment to their welfare, it’s unlikely he would ever perform a stunt like this just for dramatic event if he knowingly knew it caused harm.

Photo: PR Photos

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