Quantcast Vegetarian Star“The Daily Show” Camel Incident Caught On Tape (Video)

“The Daily Show” Camel Incident Caught On Tape (Video)

Written by Vegetarian Star on February 24th, 2011 in Animal Issues, Film & TV, Videos.

Some of Jon Stewart‘s fans are not laughing after seeing a video posted on YouTube of a camel being handled in icy, cold conditions outside the studio. The animal was scheduled to make an appearance for a skit on the show.

The clip shows the camel being stuck between metal bars, slipping and falling on the icy ground and being yanked aggressively by the handler.

Protesters have been swarming the capital of Madison, Wisconsin to protest changes to the state’s budget. Some have compared the protests to the uprising in Egypt. The Daily Show thought it would be funny to prove Wisconsin is nothing like Egypt, using the camel as a prop.

As expected, not many are seeing the humor.

“The abuse is that a camel is being forced to be in cold conditions and in a crowd situation,” one viewer wrote on the show’s forum. “The ‘guy trying to direct a camel around’ got the camel’s legs stuck in a metal barrier and cause it to fall and possibly injure itself. Not funny in the least.”

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals responded to the incident as well.

“We have received several complaints—some from people present at the time—about the camel falling on the ice. Viewers are upset that an animal being used for the show was mishandled and appeared to be distressed, and we’ve confirmed that from a YouTube video of the incident sent to us,” PETA Animal Behavior Specialist Julia Gallucci, M.S. wrote. “Camels fare very poorly when used for entertainment.”

More comments and discussion can be viewed on The Daily Show’s  forum.

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