Quantcast Vegetarian Star“WWE” Daniel Bryan On Michael Cole Vegan Mispronunciation

"The American Dragon" Bryan Danielson, aka. Daniel Bryan

"The American Dragon" Bryan Danielson, aka. Daniel Bryan. Credit-ShawnSavior on Wikimedia Commons

Michael Cole, who’s real name is Michael Sean Coulthard, made a meatless boo boo the other day on a recent episode of WWE NXT.

The World Wrestling Entertainment play by play announcer mispronounced the word “vegan.”

Wrestler Bryan Danielson, also known as Daniel Bryan or “The American Dragon,” played on this verbal feud started by Cole by addressing Cole’s ignorance on his blog.

“Yes, I am a vegan, and no, it is not pronounced vee-jan… nor is it pronounced vee-jan in any part of the world. Michael Cole simply mispronounced it on NXT, and I assume he doesn’t know what it means.”

A vegan wrestler in WWE?

Oh, hell yeah!

Bryan Dan-Dan Bryan-Dragon Man is also no geek, either.  He’s a classical book/music nerd. Got it?

More from the blog:

“For all of his talk of me being a computer geek, I suspect I spend less time on the internet than just about anyone in the WWE, including him. Unlike Michael Cole, however, I don’t feel the need to judge people who do love using the internet. It’s a great social and commercial tool that allows people to access an infinite amount of information in a matter of seconds…I am probably some sort of geek/nerd… but more of the classic book reading, record listening. Perhaps Michael Cole will get it right next week and he can rip on me more for reading Carl Sagan’s “The Varieties of Scientific Experience” than for using the world wide web. But then again, he would probably mispronounce “varieties.”

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