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If saving animals, helping the Earth and lowering your cholesterol aren’t enough to motivate you to go vegetarian, it’s time to wake up early on the weekends and go to church!

The recent PBS documentary The Adventists, explores the connection between faith and science and attempts to explain why Seventh Day Adventists live, on average, 5-10 years longer than most Americans!

Could it have anything to do with their diet and lifestyle?

As a major component of their faith, the Adventists promote and focus on maintaining a vegetarian diet, exercise and refrain from alcohol and tobacco.

The church bases this belief from the Christian Bible passage that “reminds us that the body is the temple of the Holy Spirit,” said Duane Rollins, treasurer of the Florida Conference of Seventh-day Adventists.

Church congregations across the nation have taken steps to improve the health of its members, whether through inviting health care practitioners to screen in between Sunday School and worship or programs that encourage a combination of exercise, calorie reduction and overall diet changes.

During the next Single Men or Single Ladies study, skip your trip to retrieve donuts for the group and bring fruit, low-fat animal crackers and Go Vegetarian pamphlets instead.

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2 Responses to ““The Adventists” PBS Documentary Examines Diet And Longevity”

  1. Sarahi Says:

    Hi there.. just wanted to say that Adventists do not have Sunday school, but “Sabbath school” we go to church on Saturdays, not Sundays – that’s why the name is “Seventh-day Adventists” 🙂 Also, the belief of having a vegetarian – or vegan, diet, is based on the passage in Genesis 1:29, where God gives the original diet to human beings, and animals – a plant-based nutrition.

  2. nadia Says:

    i’m pretty sure if god existed animals would not be tortured and murdered every second……….

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