Quantcast Vegetarian StarAnne Hathaway Slipping In-N-Out Of Vegetarian

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X17 Online claims they caught Anne Hathaway going through the In-N Out Drive through.

Hathaway has been reportedly trying to stick to a mostly vegan diet.

In the picture on the site, it looks like Hathaway’s friend is the only one caught carrying the burger bag.

More importantly though, when is In-N-Out going to get with it and offer veggie burger selections on the menus like other traditional fast food burger joints who have learned to do the same (aka. Burger King).

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3 Responses to “Anne Hathaway Slipping In-N-Out Of Vegetarian”

  1. thequeenofeverything Says:

    so what!?!! in-n-out DOES have vegan options – order a burger without mayo,cheese or meat. what about the french fries?

    WHY is it that vegetarians and vegans are held to a standard of perfection? everyone is looking for the closeted veg*n hypocrite. unless you shop at a vegan market, you are doing the SAME THING as choosing vegan options at a fast-food drive through. ENOUGH ALREADY WITH TRYING TO FIND TRIVIAL FAULT! No one is perfect.

    and YES! I am completely vegan. perfection, however, is not attainable and will be left to those who prefer self-destruction.

  2. Maggie Says:

    I don’t really understand what you’re trying to say. Some vegans don’t like to support fast food restaurants because even if you order the vegan option, you’re still giving money to a company that unabashedly exploits animals from profit. Or they do it because a lot of fast food places fry the veggie patty on the same frier they use for the meet patty, so they’re essentially frying the veggie burger in meat grease, which is disgusting. Or they don’t do it because the fries at a lot of places are fried in beef tallow. Or they don’t do it because the vegan option tastes like crap, like at Burger King. Or they don’t do it because they don’t want to support money-hungry, evil corporations with poor ethics not only in relation to animal welfare, but in all aspects. Thought you could make the argument that a higher demand will result in more widespread supply, its not the same at all. These people aren’t “hypocrites” or elitists, they’re just making choice that agree with their ethics.

  3. Maggie Says:

    God, typos. So sorry:

    *…exploits animals FOR profit
    *…they use for the MEAT patty
    *…just making CHOICES

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