Quantcast Moby Discusses “Gristle” Book, Impact Of Daily Decisions On Earth

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Moby has accumulated a lot of titles in his forty something years, and he now has the pleasure of adding one more-book editor.

The vegan musician, singer, DJ and activist spoke to Oregon Live about his new book, Gristle, filled with essays by those with a passion for food, animals and the environment.

People know you primarily for your music. Why was it important for you to do a project like “Gristle”?

I was raised by activists. My parents and the people in my family brought me up with the idea that the only way to lead a good and productive life was to be a voice for causes and issues that you find important. I’ve been involved with animal rights movement for about 25 years, and I found that when I talked to people, most of my friends weren’t aware of the ramifications and consequences of animal production. The idea behind the book was to make it as factual and revealing as possible.

In reading the book, the environmental issues struck me hard. As a consumer, it makes me feel overwhelmed. Can the individual decisions we make every day really have any impact?

Clearly, one individual’s choices aren’t going to have that much impact, but it’s the cumulative weight of all of our choices. If you and I become vegans, the global consequences aren’t going to be that much. But if we can get a few hundred million people to become a little more aware and cut back on their animal consumption, the consequences will be great.

Read the entire interview with Moby at Oregon Live.

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