Quantcast Vegetarian StarRicky Gervais Gets Criticized By Food Critic For Being Meat Eater

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Ricky Gervais is an animal advocate who has starred in public service announcements against using animal pelts in the fashion industry.

However, Gervais, like many other celebrities who partake in animal rights campaigns, eats meat.

He was recently criticized for this by a food critic to which he responded to on his blog.

“I think there is a difference between animals being humanely killed for meat and animals being tortured to death for fun. It’s the ‘enjoying it’ part I don’t understand.”

“I have had several pets put down over the years when they were in pain with no quality of life. It was the right thing to do and yet on every occasion I cried. What a wuss. Next time, I will invite the food critic round… It’s only an animal, it was going to die anyway, may as well have a laugh. It may even become a tradition, and you can never end those.”

We have to give the food critic credit for pointing out Ricky’s obvious moral schizophrenia. Yes, there is a difference between killing animals for fun and killing them for necessity. But most of us don’t live in the wilderness and hunt for our food daily, thus using animals as food is no longer required.

Granted, Ricky has stated before that he’s nearly vegetarian and has been dedicating a lot of thought towards the morality of meat eating.

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