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Moby Ponders If Zombies Eat Vegans

Written by Vegetarian Star on May 22nd, 2009 in Male Musicians, Male Singers.

Tribeca Film Festival Chanel Dinner celebrity arrivals in NYCMoby was on his way to the dentist recently when he started a much intellectual discussion with himself about whether zombies would find vegans tasty.

Please note that he hadn’t been to the dentist yet, so there was no Novocaine or other mind altering painkiller involved.

“see, i know the zombies won’t want to eat the vegans, as vegans tend to be all skinny and stringy and we’re generally kind of speedy. they’re going to make a b-line for vegas and eat the people standing in the buffet line. cull the herd, zombies.”

Why the concern about zombies, you ask? After experiencing his first earthquake a few days ago, Moby also experienced his first zombie escape. You can view a pic of the zombie escaping the trunk of a car on his journal.

Of course, Moby never thought to ask if zombies themselves were vegan. That fugitive zombie could just have a mean craving for sweet and sour tofu.

via Moby.com

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