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Gordon Ramsay Goes Vegetarian After Electrocuting Himself

Written by Vegetarian Star on April 1st, 2009 in Chefs.

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Gordon Ramsay, the celebrity chef notorious for his not so kind remarks about vegetarians and vegetarian food has become a vegetarian.

If you recall us telling you, Gordon’s hatred of vegetarians was so passionate, he once said he’d put his children on a fence and electrocute them if they adopted the diet.

That has changed.

When Gordon’s wife Tana, announced she was becoming vegetarian and that should would force the diet on the children, Gordon was less than pleased.

“I couldn’t believe after so many years of marriage, she would betray me like this,” Ramsay said, according to Chef Gossip Daily. “So, I decided to put her on the electric fence and electrocute her to prevent anything like this from happening to my seeds.”

While trying to put his wife on the electric fence, Gordon managed to shock himself. The great pain he experienced brought him to an epiphany-like state where he suddenly had more compassion for animals and wanted a healthier diet for himself and his family.

“I’m just glad it wasn’t anal electrocution like those poor animals on fur farms receive,” Gordon said, rubbing his bum to emphasize how painful that would have been.

Now every evening, Gordon likes to cook vegetarian food with his wife Tana. The children are found of tofu, but Gordon prefers they eat seitan, because it “sounds more devilish” and he hates for anyone to think he’s softened in any other area than his diet.

Note: This story is a bunch of vegan hogwash. But it’s April 1st, so what were you expecting?

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3 Responses to “Gordon Ramsay Goes Vegetarian After Electrocuting Himself”

  1. Chuck E. No-Cheese Says:

    Very funny.

    If any chef is going to go veg for real, it’s Bethenny Frankel. I used to think she was already one based on all the vegetarian dishes she cooks, but I read something about her like this one meat dish.

    I think she’s close to being there though, since she eats lots of veggie burgers and stuff.

  2. Vegetarian Star » Blog Archive » Gordon Ramsay Going Vegetarian For Great Escape To India Says:

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  3. Danielle Says:

    If only.. :/

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