Quantcast Vegetarian StarStephen Colbert Gives Attention To Schmeat: It’s Test Tube Meat!

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Stephen Colbert recently did a show featuring test tube meat, or as some would call it, Schmeat.

PETA’s President and Co-Founder Ingrid Newkirk has a couple of cameos.

PETA is currently offering $1 million dollars to the first team of scientists that can develop a method to produce viable, commercially available, lab-grown chicken meat by 2010.

Colbert also features Dr.Vladimir Mironov, a scientist who claims to have the knowledge and technology to produce test tube, or in vitro meat.

“Schmeat,” as Dr. Mironov calls it, is a “combinatinon of sh*t and meat.” But isn’t that what regular meat is already composed of?

Of course, Colbert is full of his usual sarcasm, especially considering he’s such a big fan science.

He love astrology, claiming it’s extremely helpful when hiring employees because, as of now, it’s still legal to discriminate against Virgos.

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