Quantcast Vegetarian StarAnthony Bourdain Wife Ottavia Near Divorce Over Vegan Experiment

Anthony Bourdain Wife Ottavia Near Divorce Over Vegan Experiment

Written by Vegetarian Star on April 23rd, 2013 in Chefs, Food & Drink.

Anthony Bourdain "Medium Raw"

Anthony Bourdain has never believed great chefs and vegans make good bedfellows.

And apparently, he threatened to remove himself from the bed of his wife Ottavia when she announced she was going to try veganism.

The No Reservations star jokingly told her they were close to ending it as he sat over a pile of “sludgy brown rice.”

Mrs. Bourdain wrote of her husband’s comments in an article:

“We’ve never been so close to divorce.” I hope he’s kidding, but looking at him, I’m not so sure. After we get home he elaborates… “That was one of the worst meals in history. It tasted of hippie. It tasted of my last weed dealer’s apartment. I hate the world now. Please kill me.”

Ottavia’s week long vegan adventures are detailed at VICE.com‘s “Fightland.”

During her “separation” from Bourdain’s pork, beef and other contractual animal part eating obligations, she experimented with vegan Korean, Indian and faux meats.

Read about her experiences here.

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One Response to “Anthony Bourdain Wife Ottavia Near Divorce Over Vegan Experiment”

  1. Sara Wilson Says:

    Trust me Ottavia.

    Prepare for your husband what HE LIKES, you can still be Vegan . Otherwise, he’ll find another or she’ll find him with a delectable meal to his liking.

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