Quantcast Vegetarian StarHank The Cat Loses Virginia Senate, Wins Animal Charity Dollars

Hank the Cat

The results are in for Virginia’s U.S. Senate seat and unfortunately, Hank the Cat lost to his Democratic opponent Tim Kaine.

Hank did however manage to garnish 6,ooo write-in votes, plus lots of money for animal rescue charities.

Hank accepted defeat and sent a message to his Facebook fans saying, “Our campaign … is a perfect example of making your community better for everyone, even if you’re just a 13lb cat.”

Matthew O’Leary and Anthony Roberts put their Maine Coon up for election as both a way to highlight flaws in the election process and to raise money for animal charities.

Hank is quite the political campaigner, as he raised $16,000 in donations for his charities.

“With your incredible generosity and constant support, we have literally saved hundreds of lives – we have given countless critters another chance, innumerable families have added a new member to their clan, and many of us had our faith restored in the potential for positive change in our political system that overflows with negativity and greed,” he added.

Plus, he has his opponent’s support on animal rescue.

“As a citizen of Virginia, I feel it is now my duty to redouble my efforts to make sure Senator-elect Kaine is willing to sign my Animal Rescue Pledge, and I hope you will join me in making sure animals aren’t ignored or forgotten.”

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