Quantcast Vegetarian StarAnthony Bourdain “Get Jiro” Puts Vegans In Sushi Crime World

Get Jiro Anthoony Bourdain

Anthony Bourdain has teamed up with novelist Joel Rose and illustrator Langdon Foss to create a graphic comic that tells the story of sushi chefs gone bad.

If the idea of those who chop seaweed and tofu being violent crime lords makes you laugh, you will roll on the floor after reading this line from the publisher’s description.

“In a not-too-distant future L.A. where master chefs rule the town like crime lords and people literally kill for a seat at the best restaurants, a bloody culinary war is raging.”

Get Jiro pits two teams, The Internationalists–known for preparing foods from all over the world, against Vertical Farm–a team of chefs who only prepare vegetarian, macrobiotic dishes.

Since Bourdain is known for his animosity towards vegetarians, Get Jiro is sure to piss them off, especially given the fact that Jiro is a “ruthless sushi chef” known to “decapitate patrons who dare request a California Roll, or who stir wasabi into their soy sauce.”

But don’t worry little veggies. In real life Bourdain, or, uh, Jiro, would never attempt to behead a human who doesn’t want to eat a beheaded sea human. It’s all in good humor.

“I think the explosion of interest in chefs and restaurants is certainly easy fodder for satire,” Bourdain said in an interview posted on Amazon.

“I wanted Get Jiro! to be hyper-nerdly in that respect. But I also knew I wanted it to be fun and funny and really violent,” he told USA Today.

“I needed to create a world where lopping somebody’s head off for disrespecting a well-made piece of sushi would be seen as appropriate behavior. There are a few sushi chefs who are notorious in New York and L.A. for being very unforgiving about that sort of thing. I thought, let’s just take it to its surreal conclusion.”

Images from Get Jiro, which will be available next month, can be viewed  at the Huffington Post.

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