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Dan Piraro Celebrating 10,000th Vegan Cartoon

Written by Vegetarian Star on April 20th, 2012 in Animal Issues, Cartoonists, Food & Drink.

Dan Piraro

Dan Piraro is known for his humorous cartoons that illustrate vegetarian and animal welfare issues.

A vegan since 2002, he’s celebrating his 10,000th cartoon and is currently on his “Bizarro’s 10,00th anniversary tour,” doing an interview with media before each major stop, such as the one given to the Times Herald Online.

If ¬†you’re still deciding on whether to spend your money on Piraro’s show or JLo’s, the cartoonist has a bit of advice.

“If you’re the sort of person who leaves the house to see “celebrity,” I guess you should wait until J Lo is in town,” Piraro said. “But if you want to see original, creative stage comedy, my show will fit the bill perfectly. I’m not your garden-variety cartoonist and I’m not your average stand-up comedian, so what my show offers is something people won’t see elsewhere.”

“In general, I love making people laugh. I’m not sure why, it is just in my genetic code somehow.”

The entire interview can be read here.

More sexy heifers like the one seen in the cartoon above can be found at Piraro’s website, Bizarro.com.

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