Quantcast Vegetarian StarObama Makes Great Adoptable Dog Without Birth Papers Says PETA

In what may be the most humorous ad released by the group yet, PETA is capitalizing on the controversy of whether or not Obama was born in the United States.

At Donald Trump‘s request, the President released his birth certificate, showing he was born in Hawaii.

PETA took the opportunity to remind people they don’t need papers to certify any dog’s birth and whether or not it’s a purebred or a mutt.

From the blog:

Obama declared, “We do not have time for this kind of silliness.” Dogs in animal shelters don’t have time for silliness either. Every second that passes—and every purebred dog purchased on a whim from a breeder or a pet store—brings shelter dogs one step closer to dying for lack of a good home.

While people are in heated debate over the origin of a purebred dog, demanding its papers and paying hundreds and even thousands of dollars to a breeder, millions of perfectly good, loyal, well-behaved and intelligent dogs sit in shelters waiting for the death penalty–which is currently legal for dogs in all 50 states.

And if you’re looking for a purebred, the shelter is the best stop of all.

It’s estimated about 25-30% of shelter dogs are purebreds, probably take there when the previous owner realized there’s more to putting the right dog in the big house than verifying its birth certificate.

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