Quantcast Vegetarian StarAngela Lindvall Face Of Eco-Friendly, Vegan Pure DKNY

Angela Lindvall is the face behind Donna Karan‘s new fragrance, Pure DKNY, which sources vanilla through a fair traded cooperative in Uganda. By obtaining vanilla continuously for the fragrance, Pure DKNY seeks to improve farming and processing conditions in Uganda where the bean is indigenous while providing economic opportunity to the farmers, 60% of which are women.

Combine this humanitarian initiative with an eco-friendly recycled glass bottle and carton packaging made using 100% renewable energy in a carbon neutral facility, the only thing standing between this fragrance and perfection is whether or not Pure DKNY is free from animal products.

Donna Karan fragrances are not tested on animals. But Lindvall wasn’t exactly sure if any animal parts went into a bottle.

“I would hope there are no cat hormones in there,” the model who tries to be more eco-friendly told EcoStiletto.



A customer service representative in the call center of Pure DKNY told Vegetarian Star that the entire collection of Pure DKNY is vegan and contains no animal products, so there’s no need to worry about attracting tom cats from animal hormones in the ingredients.

You can become a more conscious vegetarian by learning about the types of animal ingredients that may go into perfumes, complements of a list at VegFamily, many of which are used as preservatives or fixatives. There are sometimes synthetic or vegetable derived versions of these, so it’s always best to investigate. More ingredients may be animal derived that aren’t included on the list.

  • Ambergris–derived from whale intestines.
  • Caprylic Acid–derived from goat’s milk.
  • Castor–a substance from muskrat and beaver genitals.
  • Civet–painfully scraped from a gland near the genital organs of civet cats.
  • Estrogen or Estradiol–may come from a pregnant mare’s urine.
  • Musk–can be obtained from musk deer, beaver, muskrat, civet cat, and otter genitals.
  • Vitamin A– may be derived from Fish Liver Oil.

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