Quantcast Vegetarian StarPrince Harry Loses Beloved Polo Pony Drizzle To Heart Attack

Prince Harry Loses Beloved Polo Pony Drizzle To Heart Attack

Written by Vegetarian Star on May 17th, 2010 in Animal Issues.

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Prince William and Prince Harry were saddened by the loss of their pet polo pony, Drizzle, recently, when the horse suffered a heart attack and collapsed during a game of the sport.

According to the Daily Mail, Harry noticed the horse wasn’t running like it normally did, so he pulled it out of the game and it died shortly thereafter.

Although some estimate a horse’s life span to be 30-35 years of age, Drizzle was only 10.

According to PETA UK’s blog, Animal Writes, like horses and the American Kentucky Derby, the sport and the animals often don’t mix well and injuries to the ankles are common due to the fact horses are required to make numerous sharp turns and sudden stops.

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