Quantcast Vegetarian Star“Grace”–The Great Vegan Horror Film Of 2009

“Grace”–The Great Vegan Horror Film Of 2009

Written by Vegetarian Star on December 30th, 2009 in Film & TV.

Grace film

Grace film

Slate has compiled their list of 10 great movies you may be missed (or is it should have missed) in 2009.

Of course, every vegetarian mother or mother to be would love to have their own personal copy of Grace, about a vegan who insists on natural childbirth and has hopes of rearing little baby Grace on rice milk and tempeh.

Baby Grace, however, has different tastes than mom and only craves blood.

Sucks when the children stray from good values.

Mom’s blood is okay at first, but Grace’s appetite grows, leaving Madeline to seek other human blood donors who aren’t exactly giving voluntarily.

From Slate:

“Horror movies don’t get any more horrific than Grace, which finds one of our few remaining taboos (pregnancy), sticks it with a clawed finger and then wiggles it around. A nice vegan lady is having a baby and doing it the old fashioned way, complete with midwife and birthing pool. Then the fetus dies in an accident. Then she decides to carry its corpse to term. Then the baby is born and it’s moving and breathing. Then it’s somehow still dead? Zombies are the new cute, but Grace makes them upsetting again.”

Vegan and horror combined in an 85 minute film may or may not entice you, but at least you now have creepy suggestions to make to those annoying people who ask the question of whether breast feeding is really vegan because the milk comes from a mammal.

Discover the other films you missed in 2009 at slate.com.

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