Quantcast Vegetarian StarABC Reveals Plans For “Vegan-ish” Series About Vegan Family Life

ABC has just announced a new evening show that will begin airing next fall.

The series, borrows its title from the network’s very popular Black-ish, but depicts the daily lives of a vegan family living in an ever-changing world that has redefined what it means to be vegan.

Vegan-ish, features a family that technically calls itself vegan, although several members don’t always fit the expected profile.

The mother and father went vegan years ago in the 70s when it was rare and hippyish. Their penchant for making and passing out pamphlets, holding vegan cookouts in the neighborhood and eco-friendly ideas are usually welcomed by the teenage children–with the exception of one suggestion to save water by having the family shower together.

The oldest child is the most academic and nerdy member of the family and always has the right answer to a question about ingredients or guidelines. He routinely gets into arguments with friends about the ethics of issues like farming and can be demanding–he once made a wait staff search for hours before giving him an answer to whether an enzyme was animal or synthetically derived.

The youngest female of the family is much more easy going. Although she’s never one to sneak a piece of cheese (or worse) when mom and dad aren’t looking, most of her classmates find her much easier to tolerate. She isn’t quick to judge their diets and offers vegan sweets as a way to introduce them to her diet. A good kid overall, mom and dad couldn’t be prouder–even when they accidentally stumbled upon the YouTube channel of her scantily dressed in nothing but farmer’s market vegetables to promote the diet.

This series would offer lots of laughs for both veggies and non-veggies.

Unfortunately, it’s just a bunch of vegan baloney.

Happy April 1st!

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