Quantcast Vegetarian StarSelfridges Drops Foie Gras From Shelves–Geese Dance Everywhere

Foie Gras Peta Protest - London

After two years of targeted campaign efforts by animal rights groups, Selfridges–one of the biggest supermarket chains in the UK–has agreed to take foie gras off its shelves.

Yay! Yay and triple yay!

Foie gras is produced when geese are force fed so much their livers swell, resulting in severe pain and discomfort.

Sir Roger Moore has been a major voice in the campaign to end foie gras, and even agreed to buy the entire stock on the shelves if Selfridges discontinued the product.

No word if 007 is writing a big check to Selfridges, but we’re thinking the store just came to its senses.

After all, it doesn’t take a secret agent to know the only creatures that should be “stuffed” are the humans who voluntarily do so during the holidays.

via peta2.com

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