Quantcast Vegetarian StarSouthpark “Whale Whores” Thoughts By Captain Paul Watson

Southpark “Whale Whores” Thoughts By Captain Paul Watson

Written by Vegetarian Star on October 30th, 2009 in Animal Issues.

Paul Watson "South Park" "Whale Whores"

Paul Watson "South Park" "Whale Whores"

The recent parody of Whale Wars by Southpark has prompted the Sea Shepherd Captain Paul Watson to respond to the comedy show mocking him.

Watson’s not at all offended and explains his stance in a recently released statement.

It’s Good to be Lampooned:
“I have to say that being lampooned on South Park is hardly something to complain about. They spelt Sea Shepherd right and they brought the issue of the dolphin and whale slaughter by the Japanese to a very large audience. I could not really care less how I was portrayed personally, I’m in good company along with Tom Cruise and Sean Penn.”

They’re Not As Pussified As You Think:
“It’s a tough situation we are in. We can’t hurt the whalers and we have to stay within the boundaries of the law in opposing illegal whaling operations. If that makes us pussies so be it, it’s better than being portrayed as killers. The point however that was missed is that we have cut the Japanese kill quotas in half over the last three years and cost them their profits. Our objective is to bankrupt them and we are doing just that.”

It Means Whale Wars Is Popular:
“South Park has however linked Japan to the horrific and senseless slaughter of dolphins and whales and all in all that’s a damn good message in our opinion. What the Whale Whores episode also achieved was to highlight just how successful Whale Wars has been as a television show and how Sea Shepherd is out on the high seas actually trying to do something about the problem.”

The Captain has some good points.

via Ecorazzi.com

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18 Responses to “Southpark “Whale Whores” Thoughts By Captain Paul Watson”

  1. thresher Says:

    The Captain is a big fat douche, thats what he is.

    Fuck you whale and fuck you dolphin.

  2. Pee Wee Says:

    Screw Sea Shepherd I hope a Jap subs comes along and sinks them

  3. byrun Says:

    The transposition of Lady Gaga (singing a song that is the epitomy of whats wrong with North American sensibilities) over the phoney staged whale wars is too much — question :Do we take our bs reality-phoney based debauched society too serious ? if Yes you are correct



  5. Dr.Death Says:

    Props to Paul Watson, for having no hard feeling towards southpark.
    Any publicity is good publicity, and the episode did bring more attention to his cause, even though they depicted him in a vulgar way.
    ie. the japanese killing him with a harpoon

  6. benny Says:

    cow and a chicken!? COW AND E CHICKEN!!!!!!

  7. Ryan Says:

    Got to love all the kids who are spamming quotes from the south park ep, Grow up.

  8. passingby Says:

    one thing i would love to see southpark and people outside of japan talk about(but i have never seen it yet) which is japanese “real” whaling and whale eating “culture”.

    it seem like no one really do home work when talk about japanese whaling related culture.

    people should start to learn the real history and start asking those japanese pro-whaling that want to talk their own culture.

    ask them wasn’t that western style of whaling in japan started after WWII? wasn’t that they learn the hunting modern hunting style and using tool import from Norway back when they just start “large” scale hunting in “Antarctica”?

    ask them how popular the whale meat in japan was before WWII.
    ask who introduce whale meat to nation level if not the american?

    ask them where is their realy whaling ground? Antarctica? did their great great grandpa ever go to antarctica for whaling? or they learn it later from the west?

    ask what culture they are referring when they want to talk about japanese culture.
    do japanese culture base on westerner?

    what they are doing in Antarctica is nontraditional Japanese whaling culture.
    when they think whale meat is in Japanese diet culture, but in fact it is the american introduced to the nationa level food.

    all in all they, the japanese is talking about borrowing culture that they misunderstood that it is their own culture!
    what a mess up culture here!

    if they ever want to do their real whaling culture?
    they would never go to Antarctica, they would never use westernize style of hunting and tools. and the meat will be available only in some part some small fisherman village, not nation width.

    what culture the prowhaling japanese talking about?
    crap! and bullshit culture they are talking about.

  9. Mr Philips Says:

    Amazing how a man saving whales brings all the haters, losers and no lifers to the surface.

  10. killa Says:

    fuck ALL whalers and animal abusers alike, go Capt. Watson, you da man with da plan!

  11. Althor Says:

    Paul Watson is nothing but an eco-terrorist. There are cultures around the world who have depended historically on whales and other sea mammals for their survival. I abhor and condemn indescriminate slaughter for base profits. But what Paul Watson the criminal is doing is abhorrent as well. For the life of me, I can’t fathom why some proud descendant of Japanese WWII pilots, don’t get on some of the still functioning Mitsubishi “Zero” fighters that still exist and go and place a couple of well aimed torpedoes on the Sea Sheppherd and Bob Barker eco-pirates, and teake them all out of our misery! May they sink!!!

  12. eatshitfatfuck Says:

    Nothing but a fat fuck! He didn’t get that fat by eating salad all the time…he got that fat by eating fatty foods like burgers. So whales deserve to live, but the cow that you just ate in your greasy burger is fair game? You dirty fat fucking hypocrite! I hope you get a heart attack!

  13. intheright Says:

    Regardless of the legality and obvious immorality of killing whales, these whaling ships are still destroying property by sinking these defending ships. They should be brought to trial in international court for this and heavily fined. Furthermore, a quota should be placed on the number of whales they can harvest yearly, and if they don’t like it, fuck ’em! They can find another resource as a substitute for whatever good they’re producing with it (which I’m sure is not a necessity). Conserving cultural tradition shouldn’t take precedence over conserving nature. Fuck that shit.

  14. fa Says:

    Minke whale is not endangered. Actually, there are too much of them and eating too much fishes. That’s simply one scientific fact.

    Why some people criticize Japan for no reason? Dont you eat pig and cow? Pigs are one of the most smart mammal!

  15. ilovemeatpie Says:

    if pigs are so smart why do they spend all day rolling around in their own muck, and not ploting world domination like whales and dolphins obviously do?

  16. Watsonisgood Says:

    Everything about this show pisses me off, and especially this episode. The sea shepard conservation society has every right to be doing what they do, there tactics are not violent but they are effective at maintaining a hold on the illegal actions supported by the Jappanese government. The fact is that they kill 1000 whales a year, there are 12 types of whales they kill, and last year they only killed about 412 whales. Out of those 12 types of whales 4 of them have a population of less than 400 and the most abundant type has about 5000 so do the math, see how long it would take for all whales to become extint if there were no sea shepards. About 10 to 15 years. Plus they make fun of the United States and our government and food and even the Japanese people and think it was funny that over 300000 people died by the atomic bombs. I have never lafed once on south park and they take the opinions way to far on this show. They should do what they do on family guy, make a 10 second cut away gag, not devote an entire episode to give the complete wrong idea about an organization, a crime, and the way of life by 2 nations.

  17. Once a crew member ...never again !!!!!!! Says:

    Paulie fat boy is a cunning manipulative cult leader, he was NOT happy about South Park, he tried to ban it on You Tube, he only PRETENDS to think its cool.. such a good guy, no old watson hated it so much he had it banned on MY SPACE, he quickly thought,. ok they are MOCKING me so I will pretend its to my ADVANTAGE, I will pretend its great .. talking to the old fat douche at the time, he was very embarrasssed as he should be.. the old liar tried to turn it all around.. never mind Watson y ou were the laiughing stock then and you still are.. now hes done a runner just like the guilty old coward he is. He should be in jail for all his crimes. He loves hamburgers btw, pies too .. meat pies. He is a stupid old liar who worries about his looks far too much…… take your donations, grab a bimbo and like Hitler .. good comparison being a cult leader.. rack off.

  18. mJohns Says:

    South Park destroyed you, and exposed you for the fraud that you really are. The entire show was propaganda, and this fat fuck dressed it up with fake bullshit to boost the ratings. This manipulative SOB is worse than those japanese killing whales, at least their greed is unburdened by a pretend facade of “honest” intentions

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