Quantcast Vegetarian StarTony Gonzalez Discusses Vegan Principles Diet With USA Today

Atlanta Falcons v St. Louis Rams

Tony Gonzalez insists that his success on the football field is most closely tied with adopting “vegan principles,” according to usatoday.com.

Not a complete vegan-not even a complete vegetarian-Gonzalez still eats seafood and chicken occasionally, but has given red meat the permanent punt off his plate.

“You have to put good stuff in your body. Everybody should, but especially athletes. We’re high-performance machines. You wouldn’t put regular gas in a race car. Jimmie Johnson is going to put the high-octane, good stuff in there. It’s the same thing for football players. You’d be surprised by how many players don’t do it. But I’ve seen the results.”

Tony’s trying to get the wifey on board too, but she’s not the best willing participant.


Does she need a Skinny Bitch to keep her in line?

“She’s having trouble. When I cook, she’s eating good. But if she has to do it on her own, she might not make the best choices.”

Tony made the switch to a mainly vegetarian diet after sitting next to a man who ordered a vegan meal on a plane flight and bugging the heck out of him with questions, which led Tony to read The China Study, which outlines how diseases that drive health care costs up can be prevented with a plant based diet.

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6 Responses to “Tony Gonzalez Discusses Vegan Principles Diet With USA Today”

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  3. Rich Dansereau Says:

    I have been a strict vegetarian for almost 15 years now and really feel my health has benefited from it. I am not obese nor diabetic. Contrary to some misconceptions, the food tastes great and yes I actually can get quite full, stuffed even! While I applaud Gonzalez’ efforts, I do not consider him to be a vegetarian.

    Thanks for contributing this post to the Athletic Alley Blog Carnival.

  4. Claud Says:

    I switched to vegan lifestyle years ago and I have never felt better. And I get plenty if not more protein than carnivours. I have the muscles to prove it. 🙂
    Most people hear vegan and they think of malnourishment but, once a balanced diet is attained its the best way to go. Even sugar becomes completely non existent and your body doesnt crave it. I tried a donut the other day and my body (taste buds) rejected it. It was not a big loss to me whatsoever. You have to eat to live not live to eat.

  5. shannon Says:

    That’s great, but I hope he doesn’t call himself vegan. It’s people like that which make servers think it’s ok to give me chicken or fish for my “vegetarian” meal.

  6. 8 Vegetarian Athletes | Care2 Healthy Living Says:

    […] NFL tight end Tony Gonzalez is not a full vegetarian, but he did quit eating red meat permanently. He experimented with both vegetarian and vegan diets, before deciding the occasional chicken or fish meal was acceptable. […]

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