Quantcast Vegetarian StarMoby Gets Inconvenient Truth About Al Gore And Vegetarianism

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Moby just kicked off a series of concerts meant to help raise climate change awareness, the “Play to stop – Europe for climate,” a joint venture with MTV and the European Commission.

When Moby asked Al Gore why he didn’t include going vegetarian in the documentary on being green and saving the planet, “An Inconvenient Truth,” he got an “honest” answer.

“I asked Al Gore about why he didn’t mention this in ‘An Inconvenient Truth’ [as animal production is responsible for more greenhouse gases than every car, bus, truck, bus, plane and boat on the planet combined]. He answered honestly, basically saying that getting people to drive a hybrid car isn’t that difficult. Getting people to give up animal products is almost impossible. I appreciated his honesty.”

But wonder how many part time vegetarians could have been created if the diet was a least brought up sometime in the film?

Perhaps if those that label themselves environmentalists really knew the truth about the waste of resources and gas emissions from cows in the fields, they’d be motivated to at least stop eating meat for a day or two a week.

We’ll never know.

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9 Responses to “Moby Gets Inconvenient Truth About Al Gore And Vegetarianism”

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  2. The Green Quote: Moby Confronts Al Gore About Eating Meat And Being Green | Says:

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  3. Julia Says:

    It’s not impossible to get people to give up meat or other animal products. I am now a vegan, and I was raised in a heavy-meat eating home and culture. For the People, for the Planet, for the Animals, go vegan..check it out here and do your own research too:

  4. Lindsay Says:

    Wow.. I never knew that this was such a huge part of our problem.. even though I’ve been a veggie for a while now on my own morality. However, I agree with the statement above, that it would definately at least cause people to eat a little less meat

  5. Subhadra Says:

    I don’t think that was honest, I think that was averting the attention off the fact that HE, Al Gore, is not willing to give up animal products in the name of green. Cause THAT would be a real sacrifice for him.

  6. Brent Says:


    You are probably right, LOL!

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  8. Nino Says:

    I wonder how much meat he eats. Sounds like smoke and mirrors to me. Didn’t even mention it ?? Next time he should try talking about it if he’s really sincere. People who eat meat seven times a week may cut down to three or four times, and some, once or twice, or go vegan. I’m sure it would have a significant impact.
    My philosophy: ALL politicians are liars and crooks, if they weren’t liars and crooks they wouldn’t be politicians……..

  9. Jeffrey Thomas Moss Says:

    Telling the truth off what the animal industry is really all about would definitley be an inconvient truth,for the industry.Animal industry uses half of all water consumed in the usa,and they dont pay for it,tax payers do,even negan tax payers!!!Half of all anti biotics manufactured go to animal industry,and countless other poisons,which end up back in our enviorment and bodies,And more than anything,its a disgusting,immoral and horrible torture system that creates incomprehensible suffering on innocent animals.DO NOT EAT ANY FLESH,DAIRY OR EGGS,,,YOU WILL FELL BETTER,THE PALNET WILL FEEL BETTER AND THE ANIMALS WILL SURE AS HELL FEEL BETTER!!!!!!!!!!!VEGAN ALL THE WAY!

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