Quantcast Vegetarian StarMegan Fox Pops A Vegan NOW Foods Ultra B-12 Vitamin

Megan Fox Pops A Vegan NOW Foods Ultra B-12 Vitamin

Written by Vegetarian Star on July 11th, 2009 in Actresses, Business, Food & Drink.

Photo: pinkblvd.com

Photo: pinkblvd.com

Transformers star Megan Fox was spotted carrying a bottle of liquid vitamin B-12 manufactured by NOW Foods, the NOW Ultra B-12 water soluble vitamin.


Vitamin B-12 is essential for lots of bodily functions like maintaining a healthy nervous system, utilizing fats and proteins, and other cellular processes.

Mostly found in animal products, some foods come fortified with B-12, but some folks feel a supplement is great too.

NOW Ultra B-12 is non-animal derived and vegan.

via pinkblvd.com

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7 Responses to “Megan Fox Pops A Vegan NOW Foods Ultra B-12 Vitamin”

  1. Sally Says:

    Cool. I’ve been looking for a vegan vitamin since I made the switch to vegan a few months ago. I’ll have to check this company out.


  2. NYC Girl Says:

    There was talk on some forum that she should do an anti-fur ad for PETA because she’s talked about animal adoption or something like that in the past.

  3. ana Says:

    Yeah, she lives in a barn. She should do that. LOL… really tho, I don’t believe she lives with that many animals. That’s gross.

  4. meganfoxshrine Says:

    I have done some research on Megan Fox.
    Would you create a web page dedicated to a “sugar diet”
    This same week of the Photo Hounds following her every move
    Megan Fox also was photographed eating Gummi Bears.

    She does fill her Mercedes Truck with gasoline herself.
    I have more respect for her being a “REAL” person than for eating
    or drinking your Vito Juice.

    Listen. Megan Fox is not a Vegetarian. OK?
    So she was thirsty and wanted some vitamins. A drink that she
    could not afford to pay for a few years ago.
    Yea IMO your products are over priced. If the consumer only knew
    what it actually costs to bottle vitamins.
    Another reason the cost to manufacture is low is that because it is “natural” , in the USA you do not have to pay for any FDA approval or testing.

    Oh yea. The best source for B Vitamins? Do you know or just don’t tell? It is blood. yes bloody red meat is full of all the Vitamins
    a human body needs.

    Why do you think we have canines as part of our teeth?

    Humans are meat eaters.

    Go ahead and like most ppl,. you look in the mirror and see, not a mamal, another animal on the Earth. No you see some sort of demi God. Superior to a animal. What makes you think this is ego.
    Take a good look in the mirror. See the talking monkee with only a small amount of hair. Yes maybe the top of the life forms on Earth now. But the Sun has 5 billion years left in her. Plenty of time for another species like maybe insects to become the top life form.
    Can you even accept this truth?
    No. You are a God . Carefull that bloon of a head may pop one day.
    Now look in the mirror and see the ape.
    See the truth.
    Oh and before you tell me apes/monkees are Vegen. NO>>
    In fact some species of monkees hunt and kill and eat other monkees.

  5. CrazyIdiotAbove Says:

    what the FUCK are you going on about? you crazy nutball! we didnt come from monkeys you dumbass…. GOD CREATED US. i cant believe some people still believe that shit. LMFAO!!!!! you need to go back to your mental institution and stay there you nutball.

  6. @meganfoxshrine Says:

    Just a few quick corrections:
    Humans were never meant to be Omnivores (consume plant and animal foods). The fact is animals who eat other animals have a short intestinal tract, to prevent the flesh they have eaten from rotting in the gut. You can feel free to READ A BOOK about that if you wish. Humans have a long intestinal tract like all Verbavores. Also our “canine” teeth are not infact true canine teeth, as we are not canine animals this is a ridiculous notion. We simply named some of our teeth that for identification purposes, not to represent the actual use of said teeth. True canine teeth are a full mouth of pointed and jaged teath for tearing and killing. Our teeth are useless for actually hunting/killing prey, they are however perfect for crushing/grinding plant foods. As for the claim that drinking animal blood will give us all the vitamins we need, that actually is idiotic. The fact of the matter is that a human can more than adequately sustain themselves without consuming any animal product, and to do so decreases the risks of developing diseases, Cancer and Heart Disease to name a few and is much better for the enviroment, not to mention humane. Lastly I must say that whatever lifestyle you choose, you are entitled to an opinion, however, barely coherent rambling that shifts somehow from admiring a celebrity to consuming animal blood to some strange thoughts about insects (which by the way is not itself a ‘species’) is not the best way to get your opinions heard.

  7. shay Says:

    we are NOT designed to eat meat! say what u want! they are called canine teeth but can u honestly tell me that our teeth resemble a dogs or a lions? NO! infact they are VERY similar to cows, pigs and horse! all herbivores! why dont YOU read a book!
    meat is why bowel cancer is rife! as humans we are NOT designed to eat meat!!

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