Quantcast Vegetarian StarLeilani Munter One Ups Stephen Colbert With Wind Turbine

Photo Credit: IndyCar

Photo Credit: IndyCar

So take that, Sea Kitten disser!

Race car driver Leilani Munter got the pleasure of rubbing a personal victory in Stephen Colbert’s face.

After climbing to the top of a wind turbine at Horse Hollow Wind Energy Center in Abileen, Texas, Leilani autographed one of the blades. The owner of the tower, NextEra Energy Resources, nicknamed it “Leilani.”

NextEra Energy Resources owns about 6,290 megawatts (MW) of wind farm assets in the USA, and accounted for roughly 25 percent of the total wind power installed in the country during 2008, according to the International Business Times.

“I had to call Stephen out because it seems like every time I watch “The Colbert Report,” he’s having something named after him,” Leilaini told emagazine.com. “I was like—ha!—I beat him to one thing. He may have all the animals on the earth named for him, but he doesn’t have a wind turbine”

Leilani is an outspoken environmentalist who has described herself as a “vegetarian hippie chick.”

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One Response to “Leilani Munter One Ups Stephen Colbert With Wind Turbine”

  1. Heindrek Allen Says:

    This story is outdated! Colbert has a wind turbine named after him! The only one in the world! It’s also the southernmost wind turbine in the continental U.S! In addition it’s the only one in the world built on a public High school campus where it is a continuing part of education! So take that LeiLani!

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