Quantcast Vegetarian StarJillian Michaels Goes Almost Vegetarian To Go Green

2005 Summer NBC Television Critics Press Tour - Day 13

Jillian Michaels applies a no frills, tough talking attitude to contestants on The Biggest Loser to get them to lose fat and gain health.

She’s applying that same stringent method to do her part in cleaning up the environment, advocating green living for a better body and has eliminated all animal products except certain types of fish from her diet.

From an interview with treehugger.com:

“I have gone off the deep end on this. I find that when one has the knowledge and the means they have a responsibility to make the ethical choice. With regard to my diet, I always go organic. I shop at local farmers’ markets whenever possible. I have given up all animal products except for fish that has been ethically fished like ocean caught salmon, farmed arctic char, farmed trout, pacific cod, tilapia, crab, shrimp, and farmed oysters. I use all natural beauty products like Olive Oil, brown sugar for scrubs, avocado and ethical organic brands. My cleaning products are all green – and got rid of paper towels almost entirely and use rags instead. I use a Kangen water filter for drinking water and put in stainless steel canteens- never bottled water.”

While we love the fact that Jillian’s reduced her animal consumption dramatically, we’d love to see her kick butt all the way and be completely veg.

Hey, Jillian, why not team up with another pescetarian and do a weekly weigh in-the one with the least amount of fish on the plate wins!

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9 Responses to “Jillian Michaels Goes Almost Vegetarian To Go Green”

  1. Katie Says:

    It’s never enough for you freaks is it? First it’s go vegetarian, then go vegan then go raw… then be a fruitarian and maybe if you are really green you can be a breatharian.

    I am a pescatarian and I think vegetarians (especially the lacto-ovo ones) need to get a life. I love how whenever a star goes pescatarian or partially veg (like one or two days a week) you say… that’s good but how about this?!?!

    I am honestly considering giving up pescatarianism and switching to cannibalism. I would, of course, only eat vegatarians and vegans as a tribute to the environment.

  2. Rachel Says:


    The reason I would advocate cutting out fish aswell as meat in my diet would simply be that it’s a contradiction in morals not to. I don’t eat meat because I don’t agree with killing animals for food or other products when it’s unnecessary. By my standards, a chicken is no better than a fish.

    They both have nervous systems and can both feel pain, which is why pescatarianism is a start, but it’s still not quite good enough for me.

    As for eating people, you’ll have to catch me first ;). But all that fish might be weighing you down. Haha.

  3. Kevin Says:

    Insects feel pain too. Do you know how many insects die in the harvesting of harvesting of vegan foods? If you don’t you don’t want to because it’s way more than the amount of “cute” animals that die from protein farming.

    Katie, you forgot living vegetarian. I once met a guy that only ate leaves he picked off the tree. That breaks beyond normal vegan holier than thou levels and moves on to crazy level number 7.

  4. Shekeria Says:

    Rachel I like what you said…catch me first!!!

  5. almostvegetarian.com Says:

    I love being an almost vegetarian. Sure, there are reasons to cut out meat – ethical, medical, etc. – but, you know, at the end of the day I just feel healthier.

    I can envision taking this all the way and becoming vegan. But, for now, I’m pleased with how far we’ve come. And enjoying the journey.


  6. Jillian Michaels “Master Your Metabolism” Book Vegetarian Friendly Says:

    […] This is an entire chapter featuring vegetarian main dishes, which is a plus, but it’s a little disappointing that Jillian didn’t choose to make these the focus of the recipes in her book, as she’s a pescatarian who will only eat sustainable seafood. […]

  7. Eve a Says:

    @ kevin
    regarding accidentally killing insects.You’re right, they do have nervous systems and I do my best not to hurt them, but I’m not perfect. I don’t think vegans are trying to be pure or perfect. I think that idea is a common misconception.
    We are people who have educated ourselves. We are people with ethics probably very similar to your own. The truth is, factory farming is worse than any genocide or concentration camp. Often people accuse vegans of being sentimental, but if you knew of the lifetime of torture that a dairy cow or gestating pig endures you wouldn’t say that. If anyone with a typical conscience were to look at it they would instantly reduce or eliminate animal products from their lives. the problem is most people don’t know what happens to cute and non-cute animals. Alot of them like the taste of flesh so whenever an undercover farm video is shown they cover their eyes. just wanted to let you know that… we aren’t pure, i’m definitely not pure, i just don’t think any living being deserves to be tortured and killed so i can taste a yummy meal…

  8. Amanda Says:

    I agree with Katie, although I don’t think vegans/vegetarians are freaks. Being vegetarian is not for everyone–it’s just not feasible. I think jillian’s commitment to eat only sustainable and ethical fish in terms of animal products is a step in the right direction for the environment–which is her main reason for this decision. We can argue about the lack of ethics and suffering involved in factory farming till the cows come home, but that’s not the purpose of this article–the focus here is Jillian Michaels’ switch to pescatarianism. So, kudos to her for her commitment to a healthier environment. Hopefully it will inspire others to follow in her footsteps! Let’s not attack each other over who is more or less moral because of their eating habits. Let’s encourage each other to make conscious, informed decisions.

  9. Jerilyn Says:

    You look great Jillian, you do so much for so many people! So good of you to work so hard. Congrats on jumping into the Vegetarian way of life and those that disagree with what you choose best for you and environment, tell them to enjoy themselves because you are a true survivor! You’ll out live most the lazy, poor eating soles out there and your life will be of quality. Do what you feel is right for you! Happy New Year to you!

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