Quantcast Vegetarian StarBarack Obama Five Guys Visit Putting Vegetarians In Distress?

President Obama Buys Hamburgers

President Barack Obama put himself on the vegetarians’ blacklist when he went to Ray’s Hell Burger with vice president Joe Biden. He also rubbed conservatives the wrong way by ordering that fancy mustard crap.

Now, Barack’s at it again, going public with his beef transgressions, this time visiting Five Guys Burger and Fries with NBC journalist Brian Williams. Arrgh!

Obama ordered a cheeseburger with tomatoes and jalapenos and fries.

There was a whole lotta Twittering going on about the incident, including CBS radio White House correspondent Mark Knoller, who asked if the vegans were getting testy about it.

“Does Obama put the vegan vote in peril by going out for burgers?”

Mark may have been joking, but Obama’s recent choices in dining do raise some questions within the veg community, given his previous statements about fixing the healthcare system by starting with the American diet. A Five Guys visit could have easily been turned into a Subway visit or another restaurant that features plant based items as the main course, such as a Mediterranean eatery. 

Bill Clinton showed off his McDonald’s hopping for some time until heart troubles caused him to rethink his fast food foodie habits. We surely hope it won’t take a health scare (did Obama ever give up smoking?), to make America’s #1 man change where he grabs a bite between Supreme Court nomination briefings. 

via washingtoncitypaper.com

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2 Responses to “Barack Obama Five Guys Visit Putting Vegetarians In Distress?”

  1. Russell Simmons Calls Out Barack Obama On Burger Joint Visits Says:

    […] Hell Burger outing (yes, burgers are hell for many involved) with vice president Joe Biden. And the Five Guys Famous Burgers and Fries visit with NBC journalist Brian […]

  2. Jerilyn Says:

    Let him eat the illnesses of animals, then he’ll not be able to perform his job any more and we can move on in our country and rebuild it.

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