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Dana Goldberg Confirms Vegan Lesbian Stereotype

Written by Vegetarian Star on March 14th, 2009 in Comedians.

Dana Goldberg

Dana Goldberg

With an introductory line in her bio that reads, “Raised by a wild pack of Jews, otherwise known as her mother and siblings, Dana Goldberg is a force of nature on stage,” you can see why Dana Goldberg is on the fast track to becoming one of the most famous comedians in the nation.

She made the cover of CURVE, the nation’s #1 selling Lesbian magazine, which has featured famous lesbians (AND VEGETARIANS!) K.D. Lang and Ellen DeGeneres in the past.

She’ll readily debunk the stereotypes about lesbians while acknowledging ones that are true-at least for herself. From Local-IQ.com:

“I also think a lot of people assume all lesbians are big, butch women wearing flannel and Crocs. Granted some of them do, but not all of us. I got rid of my flannel years ago!”

“I know a lot of people also think all lesbians play softball, work at Home Depot, get tickets every time Melissa Etheridge comes to town even though we’ve seen her 15 times, drive trucks and SUVs, have cats, only eat organic food, were once Vegans at some point in our lives and drink excessive amounts of beer. Okay all that’s true, I got nothin’.”

She loves vegetarian burritos and occasionally, sopapillas, but not too often.

“I don’t want my flannel shirts to get too snug,” she  joked.

Read the entire interview with Dana at Local-IQ.com.

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