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Marcus Patrick Reduces Gym Time With Vegan Diet

Written by Vegetarian Star on August 14th, 2008 in Actors, Male Musicians, Male Singers, Models.

Marcus Patrick sat down with Skope magazine and gave the lowdown on many things including his diet, Britney Spears and Amy Winehouse, and how someone who doesn’t exactly have his six pack looks can get a wonderful woman.

Stoli: You keep yourself in great shape. Can you offer a glimpse into your gym & diet routine?

Marcus: I am a vegan. I don’t eat flesh or Dairy. This has helped me so much with staying lean. There is So little saturated fat in a vegan Diet that I can afford to only hit the gym Once a Week. But I do run track twice a week.

Stoli: In America, it seems as though the public thrives off of negative behavior displayed by Britney, Amy Winehouse, or Bobby Brown. How do you look at all that and does that influence you at all?

Marcus: I live My life free, I dance, I train people, I act, I sing. I simply treat others with respect and hope they do the same to me. It’s odd that society rewards all the disfunctional behavior with attention and contracts.

Stoli: For the average joe out there with not much game, can you offer some advice how he can get a hot chick to go out with him?

Marcus: Get his shit together! Work out, eat healthy, get a job, get educated. Bring something to the table for a woman. Let her know you can be there for her if she’s in need. A lazy guy has nothing to offer.

Read the rest of what Marcus has to offer here.

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